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Leader Beckbond
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region Europe
Server Miller
Tags/Abbreviations MCY, MCYS
Stats MercenaryS Stats

The MercenaryS (MCY) are an international multi-gaming clan based in Europe, playing NC on Miller. They are an "old PS1 group" and have a backstory of being one of the most prominent Planetside outfits in Europe and worldwide.

The Mercs aren't about huge numbers, but about effectiveness, superior teamwork, and skill. You're looking at a medium-sized outfit that focuses on making a significant impact with a relatively small, but tight-knit team.


[edit] History

Coming over from Operation Flashpoint, the MercenaryS Planetside outfit was founded on June 26th 2003 on NC Werner and is thus one of the longest-standing outfits on the scene.

Although not setting out to be that way, we developed into one of the most feared, tight-playing groups around and attracted a fair number of good players, many of which are still with us to this day. Both on Werner as well as later on Gemini server, we were known as one of the few outfits that actually could act as a "mover and shaker" and really change the battlefield - without requiring ridiculous numbers to do it.

Mercs members like KornDemon, rokka, Sharpy or Braveheart have been in the top 10 and even #1 for total kills on Werner and across all servers. Our name often came up on enemy Command and Global chat channels for a reason.

Yet, it isn't individual players but the team that makes the difference. This holds true for us today as it did many years back, so we are continuing our tradition of "kicking ass together, and having fun doing so".

In PS1, the Mercs were often found doing resecures (rapid response) or capturing/holding bases against numerically superior forces. They opened new fronts, secured important bases, conducted tactical strikes and were experts at cave fighting, all of this often away from the NC "zerg" main army.

[edit] Playstyle

While not all of the "spec ops" we loved to do in PS1 can really be done in PS2 at this point, we still try to do what we've always been best at: Opening new fronts, holding bases, and reacting to enemy moves much faster than the NC main army can.

However, that's not all we do. While we often move swiftly across the map, that doesn't mean we don't sometimes create a massive tank column. Or fly a bunch of Liberator bombers. Or perform a Galaxy drop. Or do whatever else comes to our mind.

When you have a group of skilled, dedicated, coordinated players, there are always a lot of options to do something fun and efficient (or sometimes, just fun). Some outfits specialize in only running tanks or the like - the Mercs can do anything, and we do whatever we feel works best for us at any given moment.

But all of this only works when your team meshes together well. You need the skill, you need the dedication, you need the will to really play and work together with the other guys (and yes, sometimes girls). That's what the MercenaryS are about.

[edit] Outfit Size

The Mercs are a small to mid-sized outfit, currently standing at around 50 members.

We like to make sure our members stay active, so we weed out members from the roster after 30 days of inactivity (those members will get reinvited when they resume playing).

[edit] Policy

The Mercs are, above all, a mature group. Having a 10-year-long history as a clan with many senior members having been around since the early years, age alone should give you a hint that this is not a place for hot-headed, annoying loudmouths. That's not to say we're not into fun & giggles, but maturity is a must and expected from every member.

Second, we're in it for the fun, and we do it as a group. Sometimes "fun" amounts to fooling around a little, but most of the time, we take our stuff seriously and do it right, and we do it together.

With togetherness invariably comes a degree of e-friendship. The Mercs are family, if you're with us, you're in it for the long run.

Lastly, one thing we are adamant about is no cheating. If you are found cheating, you will be kicked from the outfit, for good. No justifications, no second chances.

[edit] Leadership Structure

The outfit is still led by its founder, Beckbond. Beckbond is backed up by a council of Co-Leaders, who run the show in its everyday business.

In-game, we usually decide as a group where we'll go and what we're gonna do. In case there's no consensus, the highest-ranking officer(s) will call the shots, and his/her/their word is final. Also, when we're somewhat freestyling, and the leading officer calls to move and group up, you move and group up pronto. Don't hold the team up.

Overall though, we're not overly concerned with rigid chain of command. We kind of expect every member to know what needs doing on his own, and to naturally fall in place within the team. Too much emphasis on pseudo-military rank order and procedures only hinders the speed at which we want to operate.

[edit] Recruitment

The Mercs Recruitment is open for new and veteran planetside players. Visit our recruitment thread Recruitment Thread and the our website clan forums for more information.

No matter the specific recruitment procedure at any given time, there are some key points that are always true if you want to become a Merc:

  1. Be mature.
  2. 18+
  3. Know how to play a shooter game.
  4. Use our forums to keep in touch and up to date.
  5. Use Teamspeak (TS3) at all times, and have a mic.
  6. Be active in-game and within our community.
  7. Be a team player, or don't bother applying. Simple as that.

[edit] Other Games

As a multi-gaming clan, of course there are plenty of games the Mercs have been involved with, usually with good success. Here's a list of where we've been more prominent:

  • Operation Flashpoint
  • Global Agenda (9 season wins on the European AvA main map)
  • APB
  • Rift
  • World of Tanks

as well as many others such as BF3, Arma 2 and 3, Guild Wars 2, Star Trek Online, etc

[edit] Media

A cinematic outfit promo video made by Corruptlol. Oh so well edited, looking super pretty, and makes you want to play right away.

A PS1 outfit video made by KornDemon in 2006, showcasing some staged cinematic footage, a vehicle and a MAX crash event, a base resecure via double Gal drop, and more.

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