Mercenary Air Corps

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Mercenary Air Corps
Leader philux
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region EU
Server Woodman
Tags/Abbreviations MACW
Stats Mercenary Air Corps Stats

The Mercenary Air Corps [MACW] is a cross-outfit organisation as well as an outfit for flying enthusiasts in the Terran Republic of Woodman. We are striving for organised flying on a high level as well as excellence in dog fighting.

We try to fly on a daily basis with pilots from various outfits, but are always looking for more flying enthusiasts to join our ranks. Hence, if you're already an ace pilot or seriously interested in becoming one please register at our website ([1]) or contact one of our leaders in-game (names you can contact are Skillerprored, Thunder168, Parabellum8gTR, DrDogfighter or SatoTR).

MACW is currently recruiting. We request the following:

- Be on Teamspeak. Participating in voice chat is advised, but not mandatory. Being in the our Teamspeak channel however is mandatory when flying with a MACW squad.

- In general, respect the following rules: If you feel like you can't abide to those rules, MACW is not for you.

- Strive to get better at all times. Actively try to improve your skills.

- Register at

- Be active on your TR character.

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