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Origins of Mordor: Mordor Republic are a group of gamers originating from the official Battlefield forums called EAUK. However, ever since DICE has shifted its focus towards a 'new target audience' through the use of 'telemetry' in BF3. The denizens of EAUK began to feel ostracised as the Battlefield series began to loose its focus on teamplay and skill towards a lone wolf, run and gun type approach to gameplay. The term 'Mordor' was originally coined by the community manager for BF3 (Zh1nt0) as a playful insult as in his eyes the community of EAUK was constantly complaining about BF3. What he failed to see was that here were a group of fans that loved the Battlefield franchise and were trying to stop its 'CODification' The final straw was the closing down of EAUK as DICE no longer wanted to hear the truth

Luckily, a new and better forum was created called MordorHQ [1] by the supreme overlord DeltaHawk5. This now serves as the official forum for Mordor Republic. The PC part of our community has shifted to more teamplay orientated games which is why Planet Side 2 now appeals to us.

Mordor Republic: Mordor Republic is an offshoot of the MordorHQ forum. The outfit represents the ideals of Battlefield series of old espousing teamwork and co-operation to achieve victory. Although we are currently a small outfit we are looking to grow. Any one who wishes to join can hit us up on either MordorHQ [2] or on our steamgroup 'Mordor Republic (MordorHQ)'

See you on the Battlefield.

Mordor Republic

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