N8 Hunters

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N8 Hunters
Leader reiskanzler
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region Germany
Server Cobalt
Tags/Abbreviations N8
Stats N8 Hunters Stats

The N8 Hunters are an outfit of mostly german players. At the moment (March 2013) they are one of the leading outfits at the Cobalt server. [[1]] Their long term target is the conquest of Indar.

As the name implies ("N8" is short for "Nacht" / "night"), they're mostly active at night.

[edit] Structure

Only players using voice chat and watched over a several days are recruited to achieve the highest possible efficiency. Inactive members get removed but have the opportunity at any time to participate again. Commands of the leader must be followed, but each member is invited to participate in tactical meetings.

Platoons of the outfit are usually public, but players who don't follow commands or waypoints will be sorted out strictly.

On weekends, the mumble server is used, otherwise the in game voice chat to call attention to new contenders. The official spoken language is german, but english is used if there are non-natives in the squad.

[edit] Play Style

By using strategies like warpgating other empires, defending important borders, mainly ignoring The Crown or Zerg Swarms and also doing jobs which don't promise much XP, they want to reach their target of conquering Indar.

The N8 Hunters try to capture facilities tactical mostly. Terminals get hacked, generators overheated, squad beacons placed, sunderers hidden, enemy spawn points besieged and mines on access roads placed before the caputure points are taken over.

[edit] Events

Coming soon...

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