Nightmare Battalion

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Nightmare Battalion
Leader Nathual
Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Server Mattherson
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Nightmare Battalion is currently recruiting Mature Adults to join our growing gaming community. One of the larger outfits of the Vanu Sovereignty on the Mattherson Server in Planetside 2 we are a fun loving adults only group who like to use tactics and strategy to bring our experience to new heights! There is always something going on in the Battalion with members around the world fielding 1 or more platoons 24/7 365 days a year. On busy nights we have been known to run 3+ platoons of varying specialties that include four distinct divisions. These Divisions of Nightmare Battalion are ALPHA, Bravo Honor Guard, Charlie Ravens, and Dirty Delta.

A break down of our different Divisions follows:

ALPHA : The Nightmare Battalion's ALPHA is our Front Line Combat Division. They sport heavy weaponry to maintain our lines suppressing the enemy infantry and destroying their armor with a furiosity that shakes the heavens and the enemy to their very core! If your looking to be in the thick of it and jump at the chance to kill the enemy while the world explodes around you... ALPHA is the place to be!

Bravo Honor Guard : The Nightmare Battalion's Bravo Honor Guard is our Zerg Division that supports our ALPHA Division and allows a place for our members to relax and kill in peace. We like to call them our party squad who's main focus is to have fun. All are welcome to enjoy themselves as they please! As long as they are running with the platoon of course. If your a One Man Army looking for the support of a good platoon without the hang ups of a commander chattering in your ear... Bravo has your ticket to fun and mass slaughter!

Charlie Ravens : The Nightmare Battalion's Charlie Ravens is our Mechanized and Reconnaissance Division. They are in charge of our Armor, Air, and Infiltrators. This combined forces unit focuses their strength to give the Battalion a secure area to fight from without fear of enemy air or armor intervention. While providing over watch and advanced notice of enemy movements. If your looking to roll some heavy metal, fly gracefully through the sky, or pick the enemy off from a distance... Charlie Ravens will provide the support you need and the adventure you crave!

Dirty Delta : The Nightmare Battalion's Dirty Deltas is our Special Operations Division. Filled with Retired and Active Military their skills and knowledge of war is unmatched by all but the most specialized units! They take on the tough job of flanking our enemies and achieving special objectives behind enemy lines! If your look for a military experience that resounds with calls of honor and glory while maintaining your fun.. Dirty Delta gets their job done with style and lethal efficiently!

Here at Nightmare Battalion our main focus is to provide Mature Adults with a place to have fun not only in Planetside 2, but in a variety of games we play! We in our seasoned years understand that life always comes first and strive to provide adventure and that great escape we all need from our daily lives. As you can see we try and provide something for everyone while maintaining a clean and mature atmosphere for all. As such no talk of a Racist, Religious, Political, or Sexist nature is allowed helping us maintain our wonderful community!

In addition Nightmare Battalion is run as a republic with a council of 13 holding votes with a senate of elected officials to decided matters of importance to the Battalion. We feel this provides the most stable structure for the growth of our Battalion. As the people big and small help us mold the clan as we move into the future. If your looking for a gaming experience were you aren't just a number in the crowd, Look us up you might be surprised at what you find!

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