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Novum Initium
Leader MartialManiaK
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region Europe
Server Miller
Tags/Abbreviations Novum Initium / NV1
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[edit] Novum Initium

NV1 was founded on the 25th of March 2013. It’s neither popular nor very big in the number of its members but cooperates with other outfits by building alliances and platoons and furthermore picks up and recruits valuable soldiers into its squads to combine their strength and maximize the outfit’s effectivity and strike power.

"Novum Initium" means "New Beginning" and this is what it fights for. A world, where neither brute force nor mere technocracy, but wisdom and peace rule the world. Until this final state is reached, each member of the outfit will convince any enemy, which inhibits the realization of its motives, with unequivocal and demonstrative arguments of the graveness and logic of its plan.

[edit] Structure and Focus

Since PlanetSide 2 is a game, the major aspect is to have fun. And since it’s more fun, the more successfully a game is played, the focus of Novum Initium lays on fulfilling the following slogan: Fun through effectivity.

For increasing both fun and effectivity we maintain a pleasant atmosphere and encourage team play to ensure that each soldier feels confident and lines up with his fellows to reach the maximum strike capability.

Considering various conditions we plan our moves on the battlefield far-sighted and operate in squads, sometimes split up into 2 or 3 fire teams to attack or defend several sites simultaneously. As soon as the outfit has grown big enough, platoons and squads will replace the current squad/fire team-system retaining the established modus operandi.

Despite of this seriously sounding way to play the game, Novum Initium always pays attention to the single soldier and his game experience to be satisfying and fulfilling as far as this is possible.

[edit] Recruitment, Rules and Recommendations

Due to its small size, interested, loyal and determined soldiers are asked to apply for an invitation to the outfit by checking out the corresponding link above or addressing the outfit’s founder directly in game. There are none than the named preferences for the applying soldier. Be it a foot soldier, plane pilot or tank driver, everyone will be treated equally and will be invited right from the start. And only if his or her qualities are finally considered valuable there will be a promotion, else there will be a debarment to not let the outfit become incapable of pursuing its own goals.

    #1 - Do not harm or even kill outfit fellows or allies
    #2 - Do not offend other players, be it outfit members, allies or enemies, in or off the game
    #3 - Do not use cheats, hacks or exploits

Breaking a rule intentionally will result in a first grade warning. Breaking the same rule a second time will bring up a second grade warning. Finally if the rule was ignored a third time, the respective player will be banned from the outfit. Some rules follow a different penalty structure, seen as below:
    - breaking rule #3 will result in both a ban and a report already after the second time, it was broken

Recommendations - which should be self-evident
    #1 - Follow the waypoints and the orders set and given by your squad-leader
    #2 - Join the squad chat to not miss any instructions or other important messages
    #3 - Stick to your squad mates. Don’t leave them alone, they need any help, they can get

[edit] Communication

Based on positive experiences the in-game-squad-chat is used to issue orders and announce strategic approaches. Therefore any fellow is demanded to comply with Recom #2. Of course you are free to use any VoIP-software, you want, to communicate with friends you play with but keep Recom #1 and #3 in mind.

There are free TeamSpeak3-servers listed online, where we choose one to set up our communication. Since none of the outfit members owns an own TS3-server yet, we will stick to an available server as long as possible. The corresponding IPs will be published within the game’s outfit page. So, if you follow the rules mentioned above and keep up a proper behaviour in voice-chat, feel free to join the designated TS3-server.

The last point on this section is a recommendation for those, who want to expand their knowledge and increase their theoretical skills for gameplay. On NV1’s partner site there are several articles about choosing equipment, capturing areas and bases and also some general topics. Assuming you are curious to learn about new ways to engage on the battlefield, be sure to read through those articles.

[edit] External Links - Novum Initium Home- & Partner-Site

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