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Leader Jatrell
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region US East
Server Mattherson
Website www.oforcegaming.shivtr.com
Stats O FORCE Stats


  • Update* As of October 31, 2013, O FORCE has been shut down. All members have been moved to the new outfit, The Omega Force. The Omega Force has replaced O FORCE.

Long, long ago near a war torn Earth a wormhole was discovered. This discovery caused the cesation of war and the founding of the Terran Republic. It was decided to explore the wormhole, which colapsed leaving only a portion of the expedition stranded on the other side. These survivors sought out a new home and after months of searching they found Auraxis.

Once on Auraxis, political differences began to emerge and the Terran Republic was splintered. There was a group of men believing in free enterprise and open markets. Those men saw the Terran Republic as an enemy to those ideals and thought the Terran Republic too oppresive. These men broke free of the Terren Republic stealing supplies and weapons to fuel their cause. These men called themselves the New Conglomerate.

Still there were those whom neither loved the Terran Republic nor the New Conglomerate. These men had discovered ancient ailen artifacts on Auraxis and studied them to learn the artifacts' secrets. Those men were not interested in sharing those secrets with either of the other two factions and so made friends with neither. These men believed in the alien artifacts and took the name of the artifacts creators. They became known as the Vanu Sovereignty.

Amid all the struggle on Auraxis there was a man named Oyeah. He was a strong leader for the Terran Republic. He began running platoons every night called "O Force". To rally together all his fellow soldiers in a fierce battle against the New Conglomerate and the Vanu. Oyeah's infamous battle cry was "paint the map red".

Soon Oyeah decided to create an outfit called O Force. O Force began on a server named SolTech (US East) but was moved to Mattherson (US East) when the servers had a merger. Oyeah's outfit, O Force, began to grow in numbers and Oyeah enlisted another soldier, Jatrell, to help him lead the growing outfit.

Today, Oyeah has taken a leave of absence, but O Force still runs strong. Jatrell has taken the postition of leader. He has enlisted the aid of yet another strong soldier named Johnjohns2 to act as Execuative Officer. Johnjohns2's dedication to O Force has helped fortify its strength in the battlefield. Platoons are lead several nights a week under his leadership. O Force continued to grow in numbers and more leaders were needed to help meet the demands of O Force's expanding operational capacity.

These additional leaders each play a role in the operations of O Force. Migueramirezv was enlisted as Awards Officer. Bredro352 was promoted to Operations/Moral Officer. Jurkadir then became the Administraive Officer.

These leaders come together to provide their soldiers with training and the knowledge required to eliminate their foes.

O FORCE is an adaptive military outfit operating on the Mattherson Server. We heavily employ the use of advanced CQC, squad assault, airborne infantry, and mechanized infantry tactics. While small, O FORCE is a highly organized, formidable outfit that requires absolute teamwork at all times. Some of our specialties include sabotage, precision galaxy drops, spec ops, and attrition warfare.

O FORCE maintains a safe, positive community for all of our members to enjoy, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religious background, or sexual orientation. O FORCE is a unique team that focuses both on destroying our enemies, as well as building strong friendships that can exist for years to come.

Where we lack in numbers, we make up for in strength, thus we are looking for the best soldiers on Auraxis. If you think you have what it take to be part of one of the most elite teams in the Terran Republic, then please submit an application.


1: Website Sign Up 2: Get in our Ventrillo (Server info is available once you are accepted) 3: Follow instructions at all times. 4: Follow the code of conduct set in place for both in game, and on the website.

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