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We have been around since DooM. The Empire had it's birth in DWANGO, where BiocYte was a moderator for the Miami Server. Our official start date was in November 1996.

When Elite Force came out we then merged with a clan called The Empire. A few tears later, we merged with the clan SFI led by Eliteone adding even more people to the fold.

After the merge we decided to change from oo to oE and then OSE. It symbolized the merger and helped seal it. We are now back to oE.

We have played many games in our 15 years some of which are listed below.

Doom1 and 2 - Quake 1-2 and 3 - Tribes - XvT - Diablo - Everquest - Team Fortress Classic - Elite Force - Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Mechwarrior 4 - Aliens vrs Predator - Aliens vrs Predator 2 - Jedi Knight2 - UT2K3 - Urban Terror - Planetside - F.E.A.R. - Left 4 Dead - Team Fortress 2 - all the CODs - Battlefield 2142 - Aion - Battlefield 3 - SWTOR and a whole bunch more.

The oE is here and will be here long after others have folded.

We will make sure of it.


Visit us at http://www.oseclan.com

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