Old Magyarok

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Old Magyarok
Leader Moderatus
Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Region EU
Server Cobalt
Tags/Abbreviations OLMG
Stats Old Magyarok Stats

[edit] About Old Magyarok

Old Magyarok [OLMG] is the most well-known Hungary based outfit since the 2014. They are famous among players for their above average Esport ratings. Their ranks include the infamous Moderatus, the mighty ZUKA222 and the invincible CaptainLegolas.

They accept applications since 2014.

[edit] Member ranks

MLG: The leader's rank. Granted only for the founding members.

TROLL: Elite rank. Granted for those who have shown exceptional skills in teamplay and/or a specialty of some sort.

LIGHTASS: Common rank. Granted for most applicants after joining the outfit.

NOOB: Dormant rank. If a player is inactive for a greater amount of time, the leaders will demote them to this rank.

[edit] Special tactics

Old Magyarok members are well-known for their fierce maneuvers on the battlefield. They mostly use combined arms enforcement squads, with great emphasis on coordination. Since their air presence is quite strong, they do not hesitate to participate in air to air combat. They utilize the main battletank of their empire, the Magrider happily, when needed.

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