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[edit] Omega Company Background

OMEGA Company (OCO) is a band of tightly knit friends with a broad range and vast knowledge of a wide variety of games, tactics, strategy, organization, ideas, and opinions. First and foremost, this Outfit is not ran by just an Outfit Leader and his entourage of making people do what they want, but instead ran by the “OCO Council” who are voted upon by the consensus of the entire Outfit. These council members are a shining example of leaders, friends and partners on the battlefield. To tell you we are not serious gamers would be a lie. If you want to lollygag, this is not the Outfit for you. If you want to argue whine and complain about drama, this is not the Outfit for you. However, if you want to follow a track record of Success, Aspirations, Focus, and Experience, we will always keep your back SAFE. We are not going to bark orders to squads or platoons; however, we do like to follow a loose chain of command to help keep organization. Everyone has the same opportunity to advance through the ranks of the outfit to gain leadership positions, and even when no leaders are present, highest internal rankings will be given opportunities to step up and lead. Our goal, Outfit Size wise, is to have at least 60 members on on event nights, and 30 consistently through the week so we are able to run at least 2 companies on big battle nights, and one for fun. We are also dedicated only to Terran Republic.

Omega Company has two meanings. An internal and external meaning. The internal meaning is one that is provided to our elite members as a token of our trust and dedication to our members. But our external meaning is simple:

We shall always fight. From the First man, bullet, and inch of land... till the last.

/////////////////////Currently on US East 01 Server for BETA\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

[edit] What OMEGA Company offers?

  • Internal Ranking System
  • Outfit Competitions
  • Multiple 50+ Ventrilo Servers
  • Multiple Platoon organized assaults
  • Theme nights (Only Air, All Infiltrators Night etc.)
  • Events
  • New Recruit Night
  • Organized Chaos
  • Added replay value
  • Always an ‘Officer’ online
  • A great time
  • Assistance in acquiring special skins to individualize the Outfit.

[edit] What OMEGA Company Requests

  • Members to not play multiple factions while Ops are underway: Since we are a very strategic, focused Outfit, we do not want the battles/encounters to be affected because someone wants to ‘cheat’ and spoil the fun of planning for everyone.
  • 18 Years Old: We can be a very rambunctious group/individuals with a lot of mature conversations that may be inappropriate for a younger crowd. At the same time we also enforce a very strict maturity/no drama gaming zone. We only want people who want to work together maturely and understand everyone has a voice, but also know when to listen if/when the time requires.
  • No Egos: Yes, we all have a lot of experience, we all have played multiple games, MMOs and we can all play who’s gun is bigger to try and compete to who is “better,” but we are a VERY TEAM ORIENTED Outfit. There is no I, there is no “Look what I can do solo.” We work together and we work efficiently.
  • Creativity: We want everyone’s 5 cents. If you have an idea for an event, for a strategy, we want to know. We are not forming together to form a band of what “The Leader always wants to do.” All Events/Ops will be minimally formed by the council based on the consensus of the Outfit. We will hold Weekday/End Ops and Bi-weekly events and we want input from everyone.
  • Players: We would consider ourselves Hardcore players. We play the game to its full capability for the full reasons. We understand that everyone wants to be a leader, but some players just want to tag along and Role-Play following orders and just being a gun. We completely respect everyone’s play style and ask for you to respect other’s play styles.
  • From Allies: You are more than welcome to invite friends to play within our divisions/squads/fireteam, but we ask that they respect the foundation and structure of how things are ran. Priority of positions go to the outfit, no one is left behind. You are not require to always play within our squads, but we do ask, for bonuses and organization purposes, when on to always stick within the squads. We are a very team based outfit, and the more you play with your teammates, the more you understand their individual strength and weaknesses. We don’t believe in any weak links, only strong bonds.
  • All members must speak/understand English.
  • All members must at least listen in Ventrilo.

[edit] Message to Our Allies

Omega Company plans on being able to field many men on the battlefield, as such we do not have an ego and we are not here to trample over other Outfits if that were even the case. Thus, we want to open our doors to providing assistance to all Outfits who share a common goal and idea with Omega Company. Please feel free to send an email, to the one provided below, with any opinions, requests, feedbacks or ideas. We're all into event nights, cooperations, strategies and fun. As we grow, we will provide a list of all the declared alliances to help promote your Outfit. Thank you for your time, and we wish you luck on the field of battle.

[edit] Leadership

[edit] Commanders

  • Founders: Earthmatrix, TheGerlach
  • Event Commander:
  • Recruitment Commander:
  • Public Relations Commander:
  • Training Commander:
  • Strategic Commander:
  • Master At Arms:

[edit] Division Officers

[edit] Platoon Officers

[edit] Additional News/Information

  • Website is Under Construction
  • Recruiting Positions for Soldiers/Commanders (Email Below)
  • We appreciate any feedback/ideas

[edit] Contact Us

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