Operation SPARTA

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Operation SPARTA
Leader SabreNation
Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Region North America
Server Mattherson
Tags/Abbreviations OPSP
Website Apply To Join!
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[edit] What Is Operation SPARTA?

Operation SPARTA is an elite, tactical outfit created by a group of experienced players with hours of gametime logged in PlanetSide 2. This is not some fly-by-night, here-today-gone-tomorrow outfit. The outfit was started by and is led by a group of mature players who take this game seriously but not SO seriously that we lose sight of the main reason for playing PlanetSide 2 - FUN.

We're also not a mindless zerg outfit. Our intention is to build a strong base of skilled, dedicated players interested in team-based, tactical combat. We're not here to bring together a loosely held-together zerg and attempt to point them in a single direction. We play as a team and win with superior tactics by playing to our own strengths and taking advantage of enemy weaknesses.

[edit] What Are The Membership Requirements?

Simple - maturity, a microphone, and a desire to win in the company of good friends.

We don't require a crazy K/D ratio because this game is not and should not be about that. It's nice to have but this is an objective-driven, team-based game. I'll take a dedicated Light Assault who dies 10 times before FINALLY breaking enemy lines and taking our their Sundy over a Lib gunner who builds up a wicked K/D ratio by camping spawn rooms any day of the week.

We don't require a high Battle Rank because we recognize that thew newer players represent the future of this game and we have a strong group of leaders more than willing to guide, advise, and develop new recruits to the world of PlanetSide2.

We don't require a minimum number of hours played per day/week/month/whatever. We're mature players, most of us have jobs and families. Life happens and we all know that.

We don't require you to build your class or classes in any certain way. We do require ONE certification investment for membership, however, and that is AMS-Sunderer. Most every veteran of PS2 will tell you that should be one of your very first cert purchases anyway. You don't need to invest heavily in your Sunderer. We have plenty of people with killer Sundy setups - we just need to know that everyone and anyone can spawn and deploy one in a pinch.

What Are The Prime Hours? The majority of our leadership is based in the eastern time zone of the United States. We do not require members to be in that time zone, just recognize that prime hours and many outfit events will be based around that time zone. This doesn't mean that there won't ever be people on at other hours. Just keep in mind that the majority of our members will be on between 8PM and 11PM EST during the week.

[edit] How Do I Sign Up?

Step 1 - Go to http://operation-sparta.enjin.com/home to create an account and fill out an application.

Step 2 - Send a friend request in-game to SabreNation, L0LZebra, Hagxx, and/or Shortfinal. There is almost always at least one of us on at any given time and we'll get an invite out to you ASAP.

[edit] Our Code of Conduct

Operation SPARTA Code of Conduct --

  • Hacking - ANYONE found to be using aimbot software or hacking in any way will be expelled from the outfit IMMEDIATELY. No exceptions. No reconsideration. No second chances. Hacking is STRICTLY forbidden and will not be tolerated. If you can't play and win fairly then find a new hobby.
  • Members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner on comm waves. Please keep profanity to a minimum and do not argue with others over comm channels. Intentional team killing is strictly forbidden and grounds for dismissal from the outfit. Spamming the comm waves - be in text or voice chat - with noise is also forbidden.
  • While we strive to build a friendly atmosphere where members know and enjoy talking to each other, please keep comm channels open during active operations. A squad in the midst of an active engagement with enemy forces should not have to fight for comm use with people who are discussing which camo looks the coolest on their Liberator. Keep non-operations discussion restricted to down periods between active combat.
  • While SPARTA does not dictate the classes, weapons, or skills of our members, we do have ONE required certification in order to join. ALL members are required to obtain the AMS-Sunderer certification prior to joining the outfit. Most PS2 veterans will tell you this should be the first or second certification you buy anyway. It costs only 50CP and its value cannot be overstated.
  • All members are required to install and use Mumble.
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