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Leader L4G - KingWi11y - PC32435 - Sparks(SWI) - Darkard
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region Europe
Server Miller
Website www.outcasters.net

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The Outcasters is a multi-national, English speaking outfit and play on a European server in the Terran Republic Empire. In Planetside 1 they had a significant impact on the battlefield with tight squad-play, they were also the first TR outfit on a European server to reach the maximum of 10 million outfit points.


[edit] History

Our previous style was to primarily attack with targeted Galaxy drops followed by foot attack and as an alternative an armor force of prowlers.

In PlanetSide 2 we aim to develop two divisions, one similar to old school outcasters and the second an Air Cav Rapid Response force.

[edit] Recruiting

We are looking for new recruits to join us in our aims of fun, fights, death, disaster and, oh, did I mention fun.

If you are a team player who want to play with other team players, if you intend to learn the game well and become a commander in the outfit and the Empire or if you want to point your gun at a dirty NC or VS and press the trigger then we may be just the outfit for you.

There are a few simple rules we follow:

  • Respect, both towards each other and other members of the Terran Republic
  • Always join Outfit Squads
  • That squads always have a goal and are always proactively lead (ie we never simply zerg)
  • Listen to and carry out the orders of the Platoon / Squad Leader
  • We support each other. our motto is always 'As One!'
  • No teamkilling

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