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[edit] History

The deadly gaming organization now known as Outfit X (X), was formed in 1999. Originally started playing the FPS known as Starsiege:Tribes where we competed in ladder style tournaments. Over the years, the X has left a mark in many online team based games and have struck fear in the hearts of many gamers. Some of the games that the X has competed in are:

  • Starsiege:Tribes (Group tag !X!)
  • Tribes 2 (Group tag !X!)
  • Tribes: Vengeance (Group tag !X!)
  • Planetside(Outfit name: Squad X)
  • World of Warcraft(Group tag: X)
  • Heroes of Newerth (Group tag: X)
  • Call of Duty (Multiple Chapters) (Group tag: X)
  • Battlefield(Multiple Chapters) (Group tag: X)
  • And many more…

When Planetside was released in 2003, the X once again was able to show the power of teamwork and showed the Planetside community how deadly Squad X could really be. In Planetside, Squad X , who were dedicated warriors of the New Conglomerate was known as one of the most organized well respected outfits to ever play the game. By the end of 2004, Squad X had a roster of over 200+ members that would play 24 hours a day, with ferocious X team leaders and X members from across the globe who were executing a variety of missions from organizing armor/air columns to special operations. After many dedicated years to PlanetSide, the X has been waiting for a sequel, and now, in 2012 PlanetSide 2 is here. Fully dedicated to the Harvest Gold and Navy Blue of the New Conglomerate, we are ready to deploy once again.

Do you have what it takes to make history with the X? Do you want your name to be remembered in gaming history? We shall see…

[edit] Recruiting

In order to join Outfit X, we do require a few things from our new and seasoned people.

  1. There is no age limit but there is a maturity level minimum. We ask that all of our members act respectful to each other both on the field and in voice chat.
  2. Voice communication is REQUIRED. If you do not have a MIC you cannot join. Current members must have a working MIC and Voice Chat compatible sound card.
  3. Stay in communication: Join and use the X forums, as well as the Facebook page if capable. And follow X Twitter, we may use these channels to announce important events.
  4. Respect the chain of command.
  5. Respect fellow players and.
  6. Always watch X members backs.
  7. Participate in all Outfit X missions.
  8. Last but not least, have fun.

If you think you meet these requirements, register on our forums and post in the “Recruitment” section. Tell us a little about yourself. Please allow 24hours for a response. We will contact you shortly(in our out of game).

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