Path to Glory

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Path to Glory
Leader Clan Council
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region EU
Server Woodman
Tags/Abbreviations [PTG]
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Path to Glory


[edit] Recruitment

Recruitment is currently OPEN

Tier 5 - You can join our outfit as a Tier 5 member of Path To Glory (Outfit Rookie) and solely affiliate yourself with [PTG] exclusively in game. To do this, simply join our outfit within the Planetside 2 Universe.

Tier 4 - (Outfit Member) of Path to Glory will find the ability to lead platoons in game all the while, only associating themselves with [PTG] in PS2.

Tier 3 - ([PTG]Member) is for when a Tier 5 or 4 applies to join Path to Glory as their gaming clan of choice. To do this, you will need to apply for membership on our website (see links below). Once you have applied, our Recruiting Committee will assess your performance as a clan member and will decide on your approval. Good luck..

Tier 2 - ([PTG]Officer) Is for Tier 3 ([PTG] members) who can lead Platoons in PS2.

Tier 1 - ([PTG]Council) Is for the Clan Council who run Path to Glory.

Application link here:

[edit] History

Path to Glory was Created in 2005 as a multi gaming clan. At the time, Battlefield 2 had just come out and so we adopted that as our main game. Since then, we have gone on to play many different games over the years and attending LAN events.

[edit] Structure

Founders: Chef_uk | Dee | Fubar

Council: Geordie | Hoot | M00se

Officers: No Tier 4 members at this present time

Recruiting Committee: SJTG1993 | SeymourCuntz | Frozenballz | Johnboy82 | Devs | Ashen | Wuzzah

(in-game names)

[edit] External Links

Recruitment Thread:


Youtube Channel:

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