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PTG (Path To Glory)
Leader m000
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region Indar
Server Woodman
Tags/Abbreviations PTG
Stats Path to glory Stats


[edit] About PTG

Clan PTG (read: Path To Glory) is a 'strategical platoon'-focused New Conglomerate outfit. This, in short, means that the core activity of this outfit is to set up a platoon and strategically advance on the map. PTG is located on the Woodman server and has its homebase on Indar, although they occasionaly appear on the other continents as well. On avarage, their platoonsize is between 30 and 50 members.

[edit] Befriended Outfits (of which known)



[edit] Outfit Council

Although the official leader of the outfit is m000, the daily administration is done by a council of the most active members. This council takes care of things like recruitment, starting up squads/platoons and tactical discussion. The council is also empowered to start up any outfit-based events for the members. Currently, the council is known to include players named 'Geordie' and 'Devsy'. But it is well possible that other players might be part of the council as well, more information is required to verify this.

[edit] Members

Member Stats*

Total members: 310

Average BR: 20

Average K/D: 0.935

Average Time Played: 3d7h2m

Clan Council:



Most Active Players:

Geordie | Devsy

Loeffel | Abrahmer

Mutal | CirpsyChicken

Veni79 | V2rdjas

sssh12 | Grotesco

Ettapnc | Narrack

*= At the time of writing

[edit] Outfit-based Events

PTG is known to host outfit-based events once in a while. On these events, members can take a break from fighting and enjoy a good laugh. Games such as 'Flashrace', 'Last-One-Flying' and 'MAXathon' have proven to be quite succesful at relieving the amount of stress gained from fighting on two fronts. These events do not have a specific time on which they start, rather than that the council decides to start them in relation to the current situation.

[edit] Squads / Platoons

Squads and/or Platoons can only be started by confirmed members of PTG ( for more info) and mostly only one platoon is active at once.Provided the current information, squads and platoons are usually started by Loeffel, Veni79, Mutal, kossy, Devsy and/or Geordie. The platoons differ from being free-for-all to outfit-only, depending on how many players are online. Once one of the above mentioned players starts up a squad, all outfit members will be notified within the outfit chat and the outfit voice communication. In the case of a platoon, squad leaders are required to connect to the 'mumble server' of PTG to stay in contact with the platoon leader.

Being a tactical-platoon based outfit, clan PTG requires players who assist in the platoon to follow orders to the fullest. A quote often heard on the voice-chat is:

"If you are going to participate in a platoon, keep in consideration that you might end up being commanded by other people. This is the only way a platoon can be successful, if you are not willing to follow commands by other players, then please do not join a platoon." -Veni79'

This, however, does not mean that all members of PTG are forced to help out with the platoon, the outfit allows every member to go their own way if they feel to do so. Although members should be advised that prolonged inactivity within the outfit's platoon may be noticed by the clan council.

Furthermore PTG is known to have a sniper-only squad in which only elite snipers are allowed to play. Little more is known about this squad except that it is under authority of the platoonleader and usually being commanded by Mutal. Members of this squad undergo intensive selection based upon their behaviour in training skirmishes. Ever since the latest gameplay update, which implemented connected territories, this squad hasn't been heard of.

[edit] Recruiting

Clan PTG currently is recruiting people who are willing to play in a platoon/squad and follow orders to achieve victory. To join PTG, it is best to get in touch with any of the members and join the platoon for some time. Good and active players are more likely to receive an invite than players who tend to sit back.

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