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Waterson Server / Terran Republic Faction


[edit] A Brief Synopsis Of Prime Evil

Prime Evil [PRME] is an active Terran Republic outfit focused primarily on Infantry operations. Our outfit was officially formed by prior Planetside 1 players shortly after Planetside 2's technical testing completed. The cohesiveness of Prime Evil's members have created a strong gaming community that we strive to foster and grow for many years to come.

[edit] What We Look For In Our Members

Prime Evil prides itself on it's tactical teamwork and organized game play in order to better serve the Terran Republic and their goals, as such the below are a few of the more pertinent criteria with which all potential Prime Evil applicants must be willing to adhere to:

  • All potential recruits must be 17 years of age or older.
  • All potential recruits must be active team player’s and willing to work with the outfit during the majority of their play time.

Lone wolves need not apply.

  • Communication is vital to ensuring accurate up to the second details about the ever changing digital battlefield we play in. Since Prime Evil is a US based community we require that all potential applicants speak easily understandable English.
  • All members are required to utilize VoIP communications at all times.
  • VoIP communications shall be used for tactical purposes only DURING combat. There is a time and place for friendly banter, and we enjoy small talk as much as the next player, however the middle of battle is not the time for such things.
  • We pride ourselves on not filling our ranks with annoying individuals. If you enjoy killing your own team mates, "trolling", or just being a general nuisance, please do not apply.
  • Prime Evil members are expected to be team-players within the game and must be willing to follow the directions of their squad and platoon leaders at all times. If you prefer to do your own thing and accomplish objectives without the help of others please do not apply.

Interested applicants can follow the instructions located at our WEBSITE to apply.

Please note that all potential applicants will be required to group up with a Prime Evil squad in game prior to an outfit invite being extended to the potential applicant.
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