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Easy Gaming Rebel Rifles

Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Server Woodman
Tags/Abbreviations REBR
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Rebel Rifles are the Planetside 2 arm of the Easy Gaming Community. Easy Gaming are a Multi-Gaming community focused mainly with the NC on Woodman but also on Miller with TR and VS as well as different arms in a host of games such as Guild Wars 2 and War Thunder. We run regular operations and our members are always available to help people get the most out of the game.

We're a serious-fun outfit, with a mix of highly organised ops and a relaxed community and of course being a multi-gaming outfit, if you’re ever bored of Planetside (god forbid) you’ll find friends to play other games with.

We're one of the most prominent outfits on Woodman and regularly perform game-changing operations which make you feel like part of something.


· The good news, there aren't many. · Be friendly · Be reasonably active (no one expects you to be on everyday of the week) · Be a team player · The option to be part of something bigger than just Planetside within the Easy Gaming Communitiy · And have some respect

Skill isn't an issue as we have experienced members who can help you improve in game, nor is your rank and specialisation. We like to be organised, but we do relaxed and we like to have fun more than anything, especially if our ops are early in the day or late at night before prime time hits.

We have our own TS3 server, and active member base and a will to be out there and making the difference.

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