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Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Server Ceres
Tags/Abbreviations [RMIS]
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[edit] RedMist

We are the most organized new PlanetSide 2 outfit on the Ceres (EU) server. We started this outfit because of the lack of any good international organized outfits on our server.

We are an infantry based outfit. Mainly because of the following reasons:

  • Infantry is an endless resource in planetside 2. (k/d ratio is very unimportant!)
  • Infantry has superior moving and maneuverability possibilities.
  • An organized and well balanced infantry army can (currently) dominate even the biggest air force and/or armor columns.

This of course does not mean we will never grab air or ground vehicles. Air support can be mandatory sometimes and prowlers cán be good at taking out that enemy AMS quickly.

[edit] Goals

As an organized team, we have set ourselves the following goals:

  • Dominate. Losing ain’t fun, we strive for victory and dominance.
  • Recognition. To be recognized by other players and outfits (from opposing factions) means we have proven to be a dominant team.
  • Fun. The most important thing in the end is having fun and providing a fun environment for members of our outfit.

[edit] Expectations

To give our members a good playing environment and keep the outfit well organized we have set the following expectations.

  • Join teamspeak. When doing operations, it’s mandatory that you join teamspeak. The reason is that teamspeak has superior quality and features compared to in-game voice. You do not have to have a microphone or join the conversation in any way. We just want to be sure that every squad member can listen to the orders of its squad leaders.
  • Willingness to strive for the same goals. If your goal or vision about the game doesn’t play well with the rest of the members of the outfit, you are in the wrong outfit.
  • Follow orders. Listen carefully to your squad leader and follow his lead.


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