Russian Legion

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Russian Legion
Leader AlexDedly
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Europe
Server Miller
Tags/Abbreviations RUSL

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Russian Legion


[edit] History

They appeared out of nowhere – from several of famous or faceless online games. But they have something in common – the severe thirst for true massive online PVP and teamwork oriented online game without borders and limits. And this thirst was entirely satisfied only in such unique MMOFPS as PlanetSide. Therefore, “Russian Legion” (RUSL) outfit was formed on May 18, 2006 and played in favor of New Conglomerate on “Werner” server till all European gaming community had moved to server “Gemini.” Then a part of our Outfit continued to play on “Gemini” server and the other due to ping issues moved their efforts to the Wold of Tanks, Global Agenda, Prime World, Age of Conan, Darkfall, etc.

But all members of our Outfit were waiting for the sequel of PlanetSide – the best action orientated, science fiction style, online game with epic large-scale player vs. player real-time battles ever made in the history of the online games industry.

Now the wait is over and our Outfit of old school gamers and die-hard fans of the original PlanetSide begins its “Endspiel” on "Miller" server of PlanetSide 2. We are growing up - lots of new players are joining our traditions and efforts to provide solid NC teamwork and team play to Auraxis chessboard.

[edit] Structure

RUSL is run by a group of old stager officers, who alongside with our leader are involved in Outfit policy development.

RUSL Rank structure is the following:
1) Leader;
2) Officer;
3) Field commander;
4) Master armourer;
5) Legioner.

Also, among mentioned old stagers there are officers who are seeking to build bridges with other "Miller" NC English and Russian speaking outfits. We are very interested in organization and participation in weekend joint operations of NC outfits in order to move the efforts of all team oriented Miller NC players to Auraxis playfield domination.

If your Outfit is interested in organization or participation in joint weekend playfield operations please contact us via our diplomacy forum section(or send private message to Tentator /Leks).

[edit] Media

Official weekly ops broadcasting video channel

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