Sanguine Enforcers

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Sanguine Enforcers
Leader Thazer
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region Europe
Server Miller
Tags/Abbreviations [SNGE]
Stats Sanguine Enforcers Stats


[edit] Overview:

We are not the biggest, we are not the most famous and we are not the most respected outfit, but one thing is for sure.You will know when the Sanguine Enforcers hit you and when you do it will be all too late.Our savagery and bravery in battle will make your bullets seem ineffective and your vehicles useless.That's when you will think about your alien god or corporate overlords seeking protection from us, for WE ARE INSANITY INCARNATE!

[edit] The Leaders

[edit] Thazer

Thazer is a psychotic anti-everything madman -[GOON]StumpyCat about Thazer at a Miller server alliances meeting

Fuck me and everything I stand for -Thazer

Thazer is the founder and leader of the Sanguine Enforcers.There is no patch of land on Auraxis he hasn't fought and bled on.He is the very source of all the insanity that looms over [SNGE].He leads his outfit from the very first line of the battle often getting himself killed only to respawn and get back at it jumping on the frontline being the first to charge and last to retreat.His greatest accomplishment is leading an entire TRAC OP while playing at 10-15 FPS.He can be seen in action streaming Planetside 2 from time to time with anime soundtracks as background music.

[edit] Jammer7

I can hear them

-Jammer7 talking about the voices in his head

Jammer7 is the co-leader of SNGE and the outfit's more reasonable leader.While Thazer is a complete lunatic, Jammer is a well calculated man and plans his actions thoroughly.If you have been killed by an SNGE galaxy chances are Jammer was flying it and there is nothing you could've done to change the outcome.Jammer leads with the same savagery that the Sanguine Enforcers are known for, but his style is a bit more calculated and preffers advancing from cover to cover and then smashing the enemy's face in, rather than charge forth and smash his enemy's face in.Regardless, the outcome is the same, the enemy's face will be smashed.Jammer is the most experienced medic in the outfit and lurks like a ghost.No matter where you died, Jammer will find you and will revive you.This ability makes his squad seem like a swarm of wights that keep coming back to life.

PlanetSide Universe
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