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[edit] Section7 - The Teamplay Community

Section7 is a mature community that has been founded around 7 principles. We behave and conduct ourselves by these principles throughout the forums and games we play. We endeavor to build a great community, in which members work together to maximise their enjoyment of their hobby by creating an environment in which our seven principles shape the dominant mindset.

[edit] Can I join the [S7] outfit?

  • We are keen to recruit teamplayers and invite to the outfit everyone who shows talking teamplay (we also like a fun positive attitude)
  • You are probably reading this because you have already joined the outfit and are at RECRUIT rank
  • If you create a forum account and post hello in this thread, then you will be promoted to MEMBER rank and can invite players to join our outfit

[edit] How the S7 Ethos applies to Planetside 2

S7 begins with our ethos and then applies that to the games we play, the official thread for the S7 ethos is here

Below is how S7 applies the ethos to playing Planetside 2

Ethos: Maturity & Respect

  • Maturity and mutual respect for your fellow gamers builds the basis for a friendly and positive gaming environment. This has nothing to do with age, instead it is about how we conduct ourselves with a certain attitude
  • We strive to maintain an environment where we can enjoy our gaming without the negative influence of the less than mature players

Ethos: Fairplay & Good Sportsmanship

  • We have a sense of fairplay and good sportsmanship ingame, we have a good attitude towards all players
  • We don't exploit game engine bugs for unfair advantage

Ethos: Welcoming & Friendly

  • We welcome everybody who wants to take part in teamplay, even if they are unskilled, its their teamplay attitude that matters most to us. If they are unskilled then we start to educate them
  • S7 is an open community that welcomes new people, so we therefore run open squads that anyone can join, we like to keep 4 squad slots open for new/non-outfit players
  • We say hello to new random people who join our squads and ask them if they have a mic
  • We send friend requests, then next time we play, we invite friends old & new to the squad
  • We invite teamplayers along to our website to say Hi!

Ethos: Fun for all

  • We have a positive attitude, we want everybody to fully enjoy the game !
  • We play to win but it's not the sole end goal, more importantly we want to have a good time, a fair game and fun banter. We are not just concerned with our own good time, or our squad/platoon/outfit's good time, we are mindful of everybody having a good time
  • We intervene in any squad disagreements/arguements to calm it down and return to a fun atmosphere
  • We try to turn around a person's bad attitude and get them to have a good time but if they are determined to be negative/moaning/complaining then they are kicked from the squad. We will not have them bringing everybody else down

Ethos: Teamwork & Teamplay

  • Teamwork and Teamplay are not optional in this game. The game has a high emphasis on squadplay and we try our best to promote this idea
  • In the complex teamwork game that Planetside 2 is, the chain of command is important, so that's Platoon leader >> Squad leader >> Squad member. Each level is to obey the orders of the level above
  • For teamwork its important to stay together as a squad, so we deploy with the squadleader or follow his orders where we should deploy, we even delay deployment till the squadleader says where to deploy
  • We choose our kits not only by personal preference but also by what is best for our squad's effectiveness or ask the squadleader instructs
  • Before purchasing vehicles we ask the squadleader if thats what the squad needs
  • Given the choice we will choose the team first

Ethos: Communications & VoiP

  • Communication promotes teamwork, so we talk a lot !
  • Players are encouraged to use voip but are not forced to, typing up text comms is acceptable but everyone is required to make an effort to communicate
  • Official S7 policy is to fully use the ingame voip channels for teamwork, as intended by the devs
  • We also use teamspeak as our meetup place to chat and then jump ingame. To access teamspeak create a forum account here and then get the login info here

Ethos: Strategy & Tactics

  • Strategy and tactics are the next step in teamwork. We use them to organise our squads and to coordinate within the platoon
  • Tactics are used on a short term basis to focus on the situation at hand and organise the squad to effectively achieve an objective
  • Strategy focuses on the big map, on key facilities, on changing the balance of influence through smaller territories, on resource management
  • It is the squadleader's job to decided on the strategic move for the squad and then execute that with the appropriate tactics. There are a wide range of tactics available, from dividing the squad into fire teams, to choosing the best mode of transport, to deciding the best direction to attack a base from, to deciding how to best hold a choke point, etc
  • When we are running platoons, its the platoon leaders job to make the strategy decisions on the big map according to where our faction needs to hold or advance and then issue orders to coordinate the squads together
  • We are a community of creative thinkers that enjoy exploring new tactics and refining our winning methods
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