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Leader Kiddpark
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Region Global
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The Sentinels are the culmination of an idea seeded during the earliest days of Planetside, that all it took to change the entire course of a single battle is one well-placed explosive. We existed as Warrior Nation in those days, before drifting apart; but we're putting the band back together....we're on a mission from the Vanu.

We wrote the book on Planetside tactics, both metaphorically and literally. Where others may seek sheer numbers and brute force to achieve their ends, we prefer a more elegant approach. We believe we have some of the best-trained soldiers and the most efficient leaders on Auraxis.


[edit] History

The Sentinels were formed in 2012 as a breakaway from the Planetside Section of Warrior Nation, one of the largest gaming clans on the net. Formed in 2003 by Dick Johnson, KiddPark, and DarWrath, the original Warrior Nation Outfit was jointly run until Kiddpark assumed command several months after launch. Under Kiddpark, and our “Sentinel Primer”, Warrior Nation established itself as a premier tactics-oriented outfit, culminating in an official nod from Sony Online Entertainment when they published a link to the Sentinel Primer in their April ‘04 newsletter. After Kiddpark’s retirement from command two years later, Warrior Nation continued to be led and crewed by some of the finest and competent leaders that have ever graced Auraxis.

Fast forward 7 years...

With the announcement and unveiling of Planetside 2, the original team that helped build the Warrior Nation Planetside section and its Primer decided to come together once again. As most had since left the Warrior Nation Community, it was decided that a new outfit would be born, one focused singularly on Planetside. When it came time to choose a name for our new outfit, there was only one that came to mind: the name that elevated our status among Planetside outfits. It was on that day that the Sentinels were born.

Fast forward June 12, 2012....

We're back, baby!

[edit] The Primer

The original primer was authored in 2003 for use as a general guideline for Outfit operations. Over the years, the primer was amended and updated to incorporate all aspects of strategic and tactical operations of Planetside, from small arms ops, armor, and air...the Sentinels spanned over 50 pages of information and strategy. The final version exists today with the Warrior Nation Planetside Division.

With the formation of the Sentinels as a separate entity and the looming prospect of an entirely new game, it was clear that the Old Primer would need a complete refit. The Sentinel Primer 2.0, is currently in its infancy, awaiting the Planetside 2 beta. Despite its immaturity, it contains a wealth of knowledge related to small arms tactics and communications that could easily apply to a wide variety of situations and games. It takes the ideas that worked in the original primer and simplifies them to distill the basis of strategy into easily-read material.

Original Warrior Nation Primer: [1]

Planetside Sentinels Primer 2.0: [2]

[edit] Sentinels

Commander: Kiddpark

The Sentinels are the small arms operation division. Focusing on infantry tactics, such as disruption, and traditional assault. The Sentinels were traditionally the lone elite group of Warrior Nation prior to the founding of the the Slammers and the Shadows, and their name has been adopted by the reformed outfit.

This section is awaiting updating by the Division commander.

[edit] Slammers

Commander: Argg

The Slammers are the Armored Division, focusing on tanking, transport, and heavy support.

[edit] Shadows

Commander: Khorloss

The Shadows are the Covert Ops Division. We aren't sure what they focus on, and that's the way they like it.

[edit] 9chat

[3] is the official podcast of the Sentinels. Planetside, gaming, or whatever comes to mind; 9Chat is the voice of the Sentinels enthusiasm and possible senility.

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