Soul Reapers

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Soul Reapers
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Leader KillFrenzy
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region Europe
Server Classified
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Soul Reapers is currently playing planetside 2 and can be found on TR Miller. Now consisting of a mix of planetside 1 veterans and fresh blood, SR still imposes their will upon the battlefield. SR fields 2 full squads on an average night and prides itself on it's ability to organise the zerglings enough to fill a platoon with people who will follow instructions.

Soul Reapers was one of the predominant outfits on TR Werner. Founded in 2003 shortly after the release of planetside, Soul Reapers has built a reputation as one of the most skilled outfits on Werner. A mid sized outfit fielding 2-3 squads at a time, SR changed the battlefield with skillful play rather than overwhelming numbers.

Our members could often be found on the leaderboards, and we etched our dominance into werner history in our joint Outfit Wars venture with =ruffnex= placing us top of TR.

Members such as SuperSchneke, Orenthal & Atomicsys all dominated the Werner daily/monthly kill leaderboards consistantly, with all 3 reaching the number 1 spot numerous times.


[edit] Playstyle

Soul Reapers do whatever is required to progress a battle, including resecures, gen holds, opening new continents, draining bases and defending bases against superior numbers.

During quiet hours we can be found doing small squad work or playing with the zerg, prime time or any time we have a decent amount of players on we organise and change battles.

Every few weeks we would do an outfit event, this usually includes lots of beer and a theme. Serious themes have included spec-ops, tank columns and liberator wings, less serious events have included infil AP AMP BFR hunting and marauder rednecking.

[edit] Outfit Size

Soul Reapers is not, nor has the inclination to be the biggest outfit, we instead prefer to be a small highly skilled outfit.

The highest numbers of members on at a time is around platoon size, although often two squads is sufficient. (before the populations fell off)

We have around 200 members on the roster as we do not remove those who are inactive but have proved themselves to be valued members of the community.

[edit] Ethos

Soul Reapers is an adult, international outfit with mature members. Immaturity is not tolerated and weeded out quickly. All members are expected to show respect to eachother and sort any disagreements out quickly. When we play as an organised group we expect every online member to join in. If we're doing something serious we expect all members to do their best.

[edit] Leadership Structure

Soul Reapers hierarchy includes an outfit leader, currently KillFrenzy, and a council of several longstanding members. Ranks in planetside 1 were allotted based on outfit points, The "Soul Reaper" rank was awarded following a voting of current members of that rank and above. A player obtaining that rank would not be removed from the outfit for inactivity due to hiatus.

[edit] Recruitment

Soul Reapers generally recruit by invite or recommendation only.

Spare spaces in our squads are often open to anyone, except on event nights. Anyone who squads with us and demonstrates decent skill and team play may be offered a place on the roster.

All potential recruits are required to:

   ► Be mature
   ► Be skilful in their role
   ► Use voice coms and have a mic
   ► Follow instructions during organised play
   ► Use the forums and join in with the community

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