Sunder Military Gaming

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Sunder Military Gaming
Leader Dathnic
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Server Mattherson
Tags/Abbreviations [SMG]
Stats Sunder Military Gaming Stats

“The war to secure freedom for the people has waged for hundreds of years, the perpetual war to liberate this forsaken, tyrannous world. New Conglomerate brothers and sisters, join us in this struggle. Dedicate yourself to Honor, Loyalty, Respect, and Friendship. Fight, so that others may live.”

[edit] Sunder Military Gaming is a mature, calm & organized gaming group who utilize military structure & teamwork to deliver results on the battlefield.

A Combined Arms approach to operations

We integrate infantry, armor, and air in an unparalleled and organic way.

Strong communication

We utilize true-to-life communications to bring coordination to the next level.

Play the roles you want to play

Never be told to play a certain role, this is our policy.

Experienced leadership

As former or current military service members hailing from high-ranking positions in top Planetside 1 outfits, our commanders are some of the most knowledgeable in the game.

Step up and be a leader

Rise to the challenge and take charge. Want to lead squads of your own? Want to form up entire platoons? We want you and will help you become all you can be.


Adult, 18+

Teamspeak 3 and a microphone

Join us on our public TS channels:

pw: sunderhq

Complete a short application at[1]

Only respectful individuals may apply, no racists, bigots, misogynists, egomaniacs, homophobes.

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