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Leader Narsh
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region North America
Server Classified
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Supertroopers has a long history with PlanetSide, and plan to be here long into the future. Come join our Band of Brothers!


[edit] History

SuperTroopers was founded in May 2003 in the original PlanetSide. For the next two years we would be a major component in the New Conglomerate's outfit makeup. In 2004 we helped to form the New Conglomerate Alliance (NCA), a unification of several major outfits in the game. Every week we would have NCA Raid Nights and fill Sanctuary with hundreds of players, resulting in population locks on the continents we raided. It was very successful.

SuperTroopers has always been an outfit where you can log in game, team up with us and you're guaranteed to have fun in some way. We aim to make the gaming experience as positive as possible. Now with the advent of Planetside 2, we hope to continue that way of doing things. This isn't one man's outfit, this outfit belongs to all of its members. We all contribute in different ways to its success. We love members who are willing to help out, to volunteer to help the outfit progress and improve. That's what it's all about.

[edit] Specialization

In game we specialize in covert operations, special ops, base recovery and going behind enemy lines to cause trouble. We work together as a team, we practice and fine tune our skills and strategies together as a team. To make the game a fun and enjoyable experience, it is important we all know how each of us ticks. To know how to engage a target together as a group and know our roles as best we can. So when you join SuperTroopers, you're not just joining a group of gamers, but gamers seeking perfection, top notch skill sets and excellent team work. We aim high and our history has shown these philosophies work to our advantage and is one of the primary reasons SuperTroopers was celebrated as one of the best outfits in the game.

[edit] Recruitment

We are excited to have fresh blood running with us in PlanetSide 2, and as such are actively engaged in recruitment. If you're thinking of joining, know that we want nothing more than for you to have fun in the game. That's our prime directive. Just hop over to our forum, and post in the Join SuperTroopers section.

[edit] Server

For those wondering, the majority of our members currently are east coast but there will likely always be someone on as we played with people from the west coast, central time zone, and Australia as well back in PS1.

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