Super Serious

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Super Serious
Leader SilentUmbra and Blackmage
Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Server Matth
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Website N/A
Stats Super Serious Stats

Super Serious is a way to serious about gaming to the point where it may cause concern to those who join them. Even though they may participate in Ops night events and PAL they are not the ideal Outfit.

S5S or Super Serious was started from Wildcard Syndicate after SilentUmbra abused his position as a leader to try and make Wildcard his own by making decisions without other leaders input. Blackmage was allowed to stay in, but deleted everyone from Wildcard Syndicates Planetside 2 Outfit. Super Serious also had tried to claim that they are Wildcard, but with just a name change. Lies and deceit like this have driven other previous Wildcard and Nightmare members away.

The remaining members of Super Serious are those who are lost and needed a home of which SilentUmbra opened his arms. With his manipulative personality these people agreed to join and stay in a toxic environment.

PlanetSide Universe
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