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TRAF - Terran Repulic Air Force

The TRAF is an Outfit designed around air superiority and ground support for our own dropship troopers as well as our allies ground units.

If you are looking to take to the skies to dog fight, bomb, transport troops to the front line or to drop into the heart of battle then you will be welcome in our ranks.


We are still looking for recruits who are willing to work hard to be the best in thier specific role, are albe to work well in a team and speak fairly good english.

We dont have an age range, however all members will go through a trail period and if it is decided that you are not working well within the Outfit for whatever reason the senior officers will be in touch to discuss improvements or being removed from the outfit (I should mention, as long as you show enthusiasim, dedication and a willingness to learn from your team then you should be fine)

The TRAF homepage at the moment is our Facebook group, all events and topics reguarding the TRAF will be posted there first. [1]


The TRAF is part of the TRA - Terran Republic Alliance


The outfit referenced in this article has no affiliation with the 'Terran Republic Assault Force' outfit on Waterson server. The resemblance of name and tag are purely and genuinely coincidental.

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