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Leader Yetteh
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region Europe
Server Miller
Tags/Abbreviations Teamwork, Tac, TacForce, TacForceTurbine, Miller, EU, Europe, Wasp,
Website http://tacforceturbine.com
Stats TacForce Stats

TacForce Turbine is a very ambitious group which is apart of the NCTO / New Conglomerate Treaty Organization with very ambitious goals. We work as a team and even though we have small numbers at this time we pride ourselves on our ability to do just as well as much bigger outfits. We have a sleek dedicated forum, and a dedicated server running a 300 Slot TeamSpeak server. We work with other outfits our size to achieve an effective victory focusing strongly on teamwork and strategy no matter who you are or where you're from you will be accepted if you can work as a team and communicate effectively. We do not care about how skilled you are in game as long as you can work as a team this is the most important factor to us We have a good balance of strategy and teamwork and fun mixed all into one and this makes for a very friendly and kind environment that we are all proud to be apart of.

Tacforce Turbine was founded in Mid 2013 originally starting as a Tactical Arma 3 group. Hosting some of the biggest sessions known to Arma 3 with over 90 Players in one single hosted server. We soon became noticed by the Arma 3 developers are were mentioned in a few of their development diaries. Since then TacForce Turbine retired from Arma 3 due to a lack of interest in Arma 3 amongst the community. We have recently launched a PlanetSide 2 outfit which we hope will become on of the biggest and greatest PlanetSide 2 outfits in the whole of Planetside 2.

Tacforce has gained much respect within the small Arma 3 communities via reddit and we hope we can earn the respect of the PlanetSide 2 community. With our dedicated 32GB Quad Core Xeon Dedicated server its a possibility that TacForce may expand out of PlanetSide.

PlanetSide Universe
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