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Taupeur [FR21]
Leader McDesch / Beatiste / Foluia
Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Region EU
Server Woodman
Tags/Abbreviations FR21
Website No needed yet
Stats Taupeur Stats

Taupeur is a French word (argot) referring to someone having sex on a regular schedule. You can have your own conclusion about that.

FR21 is referring to the original location of the first 3 members : French Département n°21 : Côte d'or (Gold coast) and the main city : Dijon. It is also a hint about the old and famous Crysis 1 French team : [Dijon].

About our gameplay : We're specialized in air battles. Our main objective is to assure Vanu air superiority on Indar. We're always using scythes, and sometimes libs as well but always with an escort of scythes. Our scythes are full certed, and we ask new members to do it as well, asap.

The credo of the team is to always flight together and protect each others in air. We're using some real French Air Force (Armée de l'air) strategies in order to dominate the enemy.

When we're not in the air, we're using mags on the field, always with the same team formation approach.

About Vanu : We're always ready to help a Vanu brother BUT we're not friendly with noobs raming or any hostile behaviour. If you teamkill us, we're stopping the main action to ruin your game immediately. No mercy.

About the others : We don't like TR but we respect them because this team has too many weaklings. It is hard for them to do something good.

On the other side we hate NC with passion. Their pilots are dangerous, their tanks too. We have to do our best to humiliate their members on every run.

Recruiting : we're only finding members ingame, and we can only accept French-speakers older than 20.

But we accept every vanu help or participation during runs. Just feel free to ask in PS2 chat a member if you can join the squad. Please contact some of the 3 leaders : McDesch, Beatiste or Foluia.

See you on the battlefield !

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