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OC3D Aftershocks
Leader CptBlobs
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region Europe
Server Woodman
Tags/Abbreviations OC3D
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OC3D Aftershocks Gaming were formed in 2009 by a bunch of friends that had known each other for many years , in the thinking that a community should be run by the members for the members . This is what keeps us all together in the understanding that the members are the community . We aim to make the gaming experience as fun as possible and now , with the advent of Planetside 2 , we hope to continue that way of doing things . We all contribute in different ways to its success . We love members who are willing to help out , to volunteer to help the Community progress and improve . That's what it's all about . We also play other games like Guild Wars 2 and currently run servers on Battlefield 3 , DayZ and Minecraft so we have variety of things to play together.

OC3D Aftershocks is a friendly multi gaming community of players from all over Europe all with different skill levels playing just for fun or at competition level . Our ages range from young to 'experienced' . So if you enjoy your PC gaming , enjoy talking tactics , enjoy talking specs , enjoy running people over in vehicles , enjoy gaming till the early hours then feel free to join us here or at our home []

[edit] Why Planetside 2 ?

Well our FPS members love nothing more than having a fun game with teamwork and tactics . For most of us this game is a new challenge and we have people who understand tactics from games like ArmA II , the Battlefield series and mods like Project Reality so hearing of this game created great excitement.

[edit] Faction

New Conglomerate will be our faction in this new adventure . We played as them in the closed beta and seemed they suited our style of play . Other clans and communities that we are friendly with are also going to be NC so we are going to arrange big raid nights with them.

[edit] Events Nights

We take part in event nights with the other outfits on woodman who are part of the NC-HQ . On these nights we run a full platoon with good platoon/squad leaders . We do not have infantry , armour or pilot squads because we feel all squads need to be adaptive to what ever we come up against in different scenarios on the map at that time , saying that we do have our AA max guys in same squad and so on . If you feel this is for YOU then sign up

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