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[edit] Templars of the New Conglomerate


[www.templars-nc.com This Link] take you to both our website via web browser, and also to our TeamSpeak3 server via TS3 client

Templars of the NC Live Stream

Read on to find out more about us!

[edit] Our Outfit

What are some of the features of being a Templar?

-Own TS3 Server -Website and Community access fully integrated w/ Enjin Gaming -Critical game resources -Training -Scheduled and Unscheduled Events/Operations -Real, dedicated leadership team

How do these things benefit the our members?

The Templars are a multi-faceted combined operations assault group, with a primary focus on rapid response and quick deployment. Templars leadership has been present for much of the Planetside 2 development, since Tech Test all the way up to launch. Our outfit leader has been playing Planetside for almost 10 years, as well as other Templar brothers. Utilizing our leaderships and players wealth of knowledge from Planetside as well as many other games, we have been wreaking havoc on our enemies. New tactics are being developed and tested on a daily basis, ops are run multiple times a week if not nightly. Some things you might experience when you roll with us:

- Combined unit tactics designed to control and overwhelm the enemy 'Zerg'

- Secure and Hold missions deep in enemy territory

- Outfit lingo designed to maximize Planetside 2 teamwork potential

- Teamwork in a 'mature' setting. {Kiddies need not apply, no filters here}

- Redeploying, loading Galaxies and moving out in 45s or less

- Strategically placed armor columns, supported by

- Mutltiple Air Assault Squadrons

- Liberator columns brimming with upgraded weapons

- Heavy Reaver focus, air assualt tactics for Air to Air and Air to Ground combined ops

- F . A . T | Flexible . Available . Teachable

These things, as well as many others are what you will see if you join us at templars-nc.com

[edit] Our Story

The Templars of the Conglomerate were founded in late 2844, inside the labyrinthine and cruel confines of the Terran Republics 'Kane Compound.' The Brotherhood started off as a mercenary band of the Conglomerate, taken prisoner by the Republic authorities for no reason other than to control the forces available to the NC. Unbenknownst to our false TR overlords, the Templars would soon become much more than just a rogue band of mercs. Within the walls of Kane, these mercenaries quickly made friends with some of the other insurgents held prisoner. The NC mercs began devising tactics to escape and exact revenge, as well as liberate what was now an essentially enslaved populace. Childhood stories of knights on horseback fighting for freedom back home on Earth brought the mercs to calling themselves the 'Templars.'

On June 21, 2845 part of the group of mercenaries now identifying themselves as the "Templars of Freedom" was out for exercise time in the yard at the Kane prison compound. On that fateful day, the mercs heard an explosion and felt it was time. Reacting quickly to what they knew (or thought?) was an attack from their brothers on the outside, the Templars over ran their guards with minimal casualties, quickly working on freeing other insurgents they knew to be loyal to the cause. The Templars forced their way out of the hellish Kane compound with assistance from attackers on the other side. After reuniting with the Conglomerate the Templars learned that the NC had not started that explosion, however they had started an attack as soon as it happened none the less. Confused by this information, but grateful for the assistance, the band of Conglomerate insurgents now known as the "Templars" quickly became an integral part of the initial Conglomeration spearhead against the Republic rebirthing facilites. After this assistance, the Conglomerate officially recognized the Templars as an elite fighting arm of the NC, and the Templars have now been granted full autonomy to manage our Combat Outfit as we see fit.

[edit] The Lowdown

The Templars are composed of real people who have real lives, who also have a serious passion for gaming. We don't have mandatory op times or mandatory training - we do ask that if you log on to play with us, you are open to our leadership and will roll with the outfit not solely for your K/D, but for the brotherhood and the NC as a whole. When rolling with the Templars during ops, all are expected to respond to leadership quickly and efficiently in order to control the flow of gameplay. Our leadership group is flexible and open, as our outfit expands we will be showing all new members the same respect as our current Templar brothers. What this means is that if you are open to learning, you can easily become an integral part of our operations by rolling with us and attending training sessions.

There is no way to communicate the feeling of being a Templar of the Conglomerate over text. The only way to truly understand is to join us, visit The Templar Homepage

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