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Terran Team 6 [TT6] is a Terran Outfit on the Waterson server. While both the Outfit (and game) are new we are rapidly becoming a deadly force on any battlefield we set foot on. We believe in utilizing the tools provided, specifically in-game voice comms to get the job done. While we do not claim to be a hardcore outfit we do believe in strategy, and tactics while out in the field. Our platoons are organized, and a clear chain of command is established during all of our operations. Objectives are updated routinely so you will never join one of our platoons, and be clueless as to what is going on.

We welcome team players of any battle rank, and from any part of the world to join our Outfit. We hope that you enjoy the mixture of organization, and good laughs we provide, and we look forward to kicking ass, and taking names with you!

(Please whisper Helots or Solore in game or join a TT6 squad from the squad menu to get a feel for how we operate.)

site: http://gott6.com

teamspeak: tt6.teamspeak3.com

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