The Cursed Legion

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The Cursed Legion
Leader SgtFlashy
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Server Miller
Tags/Abbreviations CSLG
Stats The Cursed Legion Stats

The Cursed Legion is a fresh outfit created by a small group of Planetside 2 veterans. We are known for recruiting everyone, even very low battle ranks just because we believe everybody deserves a chance to play as a team. You are a beginner only once, things can only get better after that. We will be constantly recruiting and getting rid of un-active members (1 month deadline). We currently use a 50 slot mumble server that is mostly populated by squad and platoon leaders, but if there are free slots all outfit ranks are welcome in it. We also tend to organise squads over the week and bigger platoons on weekends. So, are you a low battle rank not being accepted in any outfit or a veteran looking to have some fun? Sign up on the site and see you on the field.

PlanetSide Universe
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