The Czars

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The Czar's Gaming
Leader Bullmance, BatFastard, xHatebreeder, therealomicron
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region US EAST
Server Mattherson
Tags/Abbreviations CZ4R
Stats The Czars Stats

[edit] From Bullmance, outfit leader.

Thank you for checking out our community comrade. We all play games for fun. We here at Czar Gaming believe that Communication, Cooperation and Organization lead to victory. In Planetside 2 completing objectives are fun. Be that changing hexes, capturing a base, taking out an armor column, or just crashing galaxies into the enemy forces. You can't always win the alert, but you can find small objectives to accomplish that are fun, while contributing.

The leadership here has been playing Planetside 2 since release. We have leaders that have played games competitively and that have lead infantry soldiers into actual combat in real life. We were leaders in another outfit which was always on the side with the most population. We were looking for a challenge and noticed that the NC here on Mattherson could use some population and a strong tactical outfit.

We want to bring those things here. We have a 512 person Teamspeak 3 server. We will contact leaders of other outfits here on the NC and attempt to get liaisons and an alliance together to communicate and organize between outfits. That's right, you don't even have to join us to benefit from us. Anyone is welcome to join us on our TS3 server to either work directly with us in channel, or have your own alliance channel to coordinate maneuvers through channel commander.

With all that said we have some basic requirements to join our community. The only 2 in game requirements are an AMS Sunderer and a Level 1 Spawn Beacon. Outside the game you need to register and apply on our website and join us on Teamspeak 3. You will need a microphone. We stress communication like the calling of contacts, enemy emplacements and other important info.

We are recruiting Squad Leads and we do have Officer positions open for those who enjoy leadership and administration as well. Please contact BattyFastard, therealomicron, xHatebreeder or myself (Bullmance) in-game or on our TS3 for information and invites.

Ваше здоровье! - [vashee zda-ró-vye] To our health comrades!

[edit] From BatFastard, outfit leader.

Basically, all you need to know is that Czar is led by experienced leaders from another outfit that had a reputation of steam rolling the competition. We're looking for new members to fill our ranks and help us shape our new outfit, we want to organize the NC and make the NC a truly powerful faction on Mattherson.

We're going to keep things serious at all times, we will maintain a highly organize structure. With that said, we do like beer, we like to trash talk each other, and we like to joke around and have fun. Why else would we name our outfit the Czar's on the New Conglomerate? (Czars being the epitome of dictators and NC wanting to always "live free".)

Anyways, check us out if you share our image of an outfit.

Website: TeamSpeak IP:

[edit] From therealomicron, outfit leader.

We are looking for innovative theorycrafters interested in changing PlanetSide 2's metagame. We're never satisfied with where we are. We're constantly analyzing our performance to create and refine tactics and strategy applicable to squad and platoon level game play. We're also recruiting team players who enjoy structured gameplay and the satisfaction of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

If you don't subscribe to the belief that PlanetSide 2 has no metagame, if you have an eye for details and a grasp of the bigger picture, if you work well with others, you will feel at home with us. You can find our contact information in the two posts above mine. Hope to hear from you soon!

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