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The Good, Bad & Ugly Outfit is a well established, 25+ member clan who has worked it's way through BC2 and BF3. We are a military structured Outfit seeking loyal Terran Republic soldiers and leaders to fill it's ranks. No matter what class you play or vehicle you are planning on focusing on, you will find a place within GBU. While we have ex-military in our ranks, one of our founders is prior service, we are open to both veterans and virtual soldiers alike. Unlike many Outfits out there that think bigger is better, GBU believes in quality over quantity. We have a very successful recruit process in place to ensure that members are truly dedicated and that you fit with us as well as we fit with you. GBU embodies the TR motto and melds it with our motto: LOYALTY BEYOND DEATH AND DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR.


  • 18+ years old.
  • Must be in Teamspeak when playing.
  • Willing to play as a team and follow the Squad/Platoon objective.
  • Understand that we are NOT about stats but ARE about winning the fight.
  • Willing to ONLY play TR, no NC or VS "weekend warriors" need apply.

So if you are looking to be a part of a team and group of guys that enjoy teamwork and having fun above all else, that strives keep the "drama" out of the clan, then we have a home for you!

Check us out at!!

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