The Harkonnen

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The Harkonnen
Leader DiscoSpider
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Server Cobalt
Tags/Abbreviations HKON
Stats The Harkonnen Stats



The Harkonnen outfit on Cobalt is a relatively new outfit (eta June 2013) that specializes in air to ground and infantry tactics. HKON focuses on a smaller player-base to utilize tactics and coordination, such as smoking the point, tactical air drops with air support, specific bombardment, locking down buildings and providing an incredibly aggressive defense.

HKON has a positive reputation of being the best combined arms outfit on the Cobalt TR faction, as well as peers describing HKON of having a scary air-force, providing an awesome fight and being the most resistant. HKON's skill is reflected in it's stats having quickly reached the Top 10 Cobalt TR outfit's on the outfit scoreboard (members >48) and currently holds 2nd Place in the faction and 4th place on the server.

HKON is a mature outfit which functions on a horizontal hierarchy where there is are no specific leader and everyone controls the direction the outfit goes. HKON is ran by all the members and for the members. The only ranks in HKON which carries some meaning is the Mentat rank and the Raider rank.

Mentats (which there are many) have the abilities to maintain the outfit and keep it functioning so the outfit remains self-sustainable should any 'leaders' stop playing the game, so players may come and ago but the outfit continues to run.

The Raider rank is a trial rank. Members of this rank are under the eye of the HKON outfit to see if they are suitable and click with the rest of the outfit and easily fit into the outfit's unique fighting style.

For further information about HKON, joining HKON and it's history you can view the following pages on the outfit's forums;

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