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-The Immortals-
Leader Nemeses
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Region Europe
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For years we have suffered from the Terran Republic and their determination to control our minds. Now the Vanu are threatening our very existence with their belief that aliens hold superiority over all human life. The New Conglomerate are HUMAN with free will and spirit and we will defend our unique souls to the end. We will fight for the right to be who we want to be and believe that only under our leadership will peace have a chance of existing within this Galaxy.

We are -The Immortals- of The New Conglomerate and we need YOU!


[edit] Membership

Looking to join us? It's a short Application form.. We do not accept blank applications, if you cant be bothered to fill out a few lines we don’t know if we can trust you to ever work as part of a guild. We do not ever ninja invite, so please do not ninja apply.

[edit] Info quick links

  • See our YouTube Loads of PvP & raid videos on there.
  • Our Facebook Put a face to that dodgy voice on mumble ..not just mine.
  • We have even been featured on ToRwars

[edit] Things thats quite nice to know

List your past MMORPG experience, if any. Have you played MMO before you don't need to list them if you don't want, just nice to know what you know :), don't let it worry you if you have never played one as it makes no difference to being accepted, its just nice for us to know what level you are.(in lots of ways newbies work out better than old vets like me.

[edit] What are you looking for in a Outfit?

What do you expect from a Outfit, what is your ideal Outfit pretty simple stuff

[edit] What can you contribute to a Outfit?

Are you a LEADER, PILOT or a GRUNT? ..or all three, what would you expect members to contribute to the Outfit, Do you see yourself leading a platoon, a company a Division? ..or just wanna kill those dirty oppressive controlling TR and double crossing alien loving VS scum.

[edit] Web and VOIP

While we don't expect everyone to post stuff every day on the Web site, a intro would be nice for the other members to see who you are. We also expect all members to come onto our VOIP maybe not everyday, but certainly at sometime, and definitely for all Outfit events! - Not having a Mic is not a factor so long as you can hear whats being said :D This is dependent on how good the in-game VOIP is, if its good enough we will then use that.

[edit] General

We expect (without fail) for all members to sign up to our raid planner (game dependent). We don't have lots of hard & fast rules, but the few we do have we expect players to adhere to. If for any reason you feel you cant meet any of these requirements then I guess The Immortals would not be the best fit for you. We are a 18+ outfit, sorry please do not apply if you younger it always comes out. To the rest Welcome to your New MMO home :D

[edit] Things about us

OK In PS2 we will be a complete outfit, looking to run combined Ops:

  • Hawk Company (Air) lead by Major Sengar
  • Rhino Company (Combined Infantry & Mechanized lead by Major Lain
  • Panther Company (Covert Ops) Infiltrator/Intelligence lead by Major TBA.

Stealth class, specialized in reconnaissance and communication, constantly scouting enemy positions saboteur strikes, the edge of the spear!

[edit] Last few games to mention a few we were in

  • Sw:tor, as The Immortals.
  • LoTRo, we were called Rohan Riders there, (we only use Immortals name in games that have PvP, as in some kind of world PvP).
  • AoC we had 2 guilds Broken Promise on the PvE server Crom, and The Immortals on Fury, last time I checked they were still going quite well.
  • WaR, as The Immortals.
  • DC Universe, as The Immortals.

We are a fairly casual outfit, that likes to progress, (being casual has not stopped us from gaining many firsts in a lot of games) Saying all that in a lot of ways we will be a new-ish outfit going into this game, so everyone has the same chance to advance in the outfit, old or new members, we not a clicky guild where players who want cant participate in the guild at all levels, In fact we go out of our way to draw everyone in.

[edit] Outfit Advancement

There will be plenty of chances for the new members who want to move into Game specific leadership roles from Junior officers to Company Commanders, all it takes is commitment to the Outfit and patience, do not ask to be promoted, it has the reverse effect. We will definitely look at pushing at least 6 new members into officer position, but it will not happen in a day. One area we may end up light on is tactically aware FPS players

Besides that we a friendly bunch, talk as much rubbish as the person on Mumble. We here to have a laugh, run ops ..kill all we see :) and maybe re-spawn together..... well unless you in a group with Bobricka ..then not only will you die but be lost and broke as well :p

[edit] To join us

We have a very short Application form. We also have a Intro section and Recruitment forums for any questions

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