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The Older Gamers
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Leader Shrubbo
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[edit] Formation of the TOG Planetside 2 Division

The TOG PS2 Division was formed on the 22nd of July 2012 with the appointment of Shrubbo as the Division Captain.

[edit] PS2 Division Staff

  • Shrubbo - Division Captain 22-Jul-2012
  • RaindancerAU - Officer 09-Oct-2012
  • Mr. Brewski - Officer 10-Oct-2012
  • Zentao - Officer 11-Oct-2012
  • Zedakiah - Officer 15-Nov-2012
  • Kaimahi - Officer 15-Nov-2012

[edit] What is TOG?

TOG or The Older Gamers is a community of over 40k members that was founded in Australia but has grown to have members from all over the world. TOG has divisions catering for just about every online game out there. Membership is open to anyone over the age of 25. An online news article can be found about TOG at

[edit] What is the TOG PS2 Division about?

It is about having fun playing the best game out there, Planetside 2. We are a pretty laid back group of people who simply enjoy playing this game. The Division is structured to allow game play from super laid back and lucky to get a way point to more structured but definitely not military style. We like to laugh a lot. Please check out our PS2 Divisional Video with some coarse language not suitable for children but to be expected in our Division from time to time.

[edit] What servers are TOG outfits on?

TOG has outfit on Briggs and Connery but there is very little if any action on Connery anymore as far as TOG is concerned. TOG is now almost exclusively playing on only the Briggs (Australian) server.

[edit] How to join the TOG PS2 Division

First you need to join TOG. That is as easy as heading on over to The Older Gamers website and posting in The Barracks. Please remember you must be over 25 years of age. Once in check out the Planetside 2 Division in the FPS section of the forums.

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