The Phoenician Legion of Auraxis

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The Phoenician Legion of Auraxis
Leader Rhomulas
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Server Miller
Tags/Abbreviations PLOA
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The Phoenician Legion of Auraxis

[edit] History

The Phoenician Legion of Auraxis (PLOA) is a Terran Republic outfit founded on the 19th of May, 2015. Inspired by the forgotten ancient Phoenician Empire, PLOA seeks to revive and reinforce the Terran Republic's military strength through organized and tactical game-play.

Even though the outfit seeks victory through disciplined activity, players always manage to find the time to enjoy themselves and have fun.

[edit] Structure

PLOA utilizes a similar ranking system as that of the Roman Republic/Empire. A player's rank is determined by the amount of effort and time they put into the game, as well as their Battle Rank.

Founder (leader): Rhomulas

Current high-ranking members: Rhomulas, deekman123.

PLOA's ranking structure (from highest [1] to lowest [5]):

1) General

2) Tribune

3) Centurion

4) Standard

5) Soldier

[edit] Recruitment

The outfit is currently recruiting with only a few requirements. Applicants are expected to speak an understandable level of English. Other languages are also accepted for casual conversation however English is preferred for tactical use during strategies and alerts. A working microphone is also required. Players of all ages are generally accepted however must show a certain level of maturity during serious game-time.

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