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The Republican Guard [TRG]
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Leader Sardus
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Server Connery

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[edit] Brief Overview & History

The Republican Guard [TRG] The heavy assault, the shock trooper, the front line medic. Causing hell is what we do.

One of the oldest premier Terran outfits founded within Planetside on release day of May 2003, [TRG] is a highly structured "Shock and awe" outfit known for rapid response teams, organized heavy infantry assaults, and incredibly devoted support players. Since our creation in 2003, we have developed into a full fledged gaming community consisting of over 150 members featuring:

1) Organized Operations Including: Gal drops, Max Crashes, Gen holds and other "Heavy Assault/Shock Trooper" themed tactics.

2) An active community built on the foundation of dedicated and loyal players including both "Killwhores" and "Supportwhores".

3) A very low turnover rate. We have a saying here at [TRG]: "Once a TRG, always a TRG". Our members are extremely loyal to the community.

4) A professionally designed web site, a hosted Teamspeak3 server, and other hosted game servers.

5) [TRG] was a major participant of Planetside 1's Outfitwars; 2nd place TR and 3rd overall. Also one of the only outfits to use only our outfit members to make up our group

6) Our outfit has successfully produced dozens of Command Rank 5s still active within the Planetside community today.

[edit] PlanetSide

The Republican Guard [TRG]: Planetside Recruitment Video

[TRG] was started by a guy who called himself Hotcarl, on day 1 of the Planetside release. He got in hot water with SOE because, first they didn't like that we were The Republican Guard (remember this was back when Saddam was all in our face.), and second because they didn't like his name (something about a sexual act). Our name was shortened to [TRG] so that it could mean anything, and his own name was also forcibly changed. Well, he got fed up and left [TRG] to Bludbath. Of the 10 that originally founded it, only Sardus, Bludbath Vrugor and Khellendros remain. The other 6 did not stick around.

But Since then we have been bringing WTF Muffins to everyone we can.

[edit] PlanetSide 2

Although PlanetSide 2 is currently under development [TRG] is pre-emptively preparing ourselves to be a major force to be reckoned with, we are currently developing a EU division as well as recruiting heavily . We have been meeting with our new recruits in Teamspeak and playing current games to have fun and see what each other can do. We expect that [TRG] will show early signs of success and fun within the game.

[edit] Recruitment

Interested in joining [TRG]? See below:

Here at TRG we recruit two key qualities: the ability to learn and propensity to listen; because we firmly believe that even the newest player possessing these two assets has the potential to become one of the best. New or old, if you share these qualities you'll find a good home here with [TRG].

We are Active and Recruiting in preparation for Planetside 2.

Age 17+ required. Teamspeak required. You need to be able to listen to instructions. Forums use and registration also required.

We take on all players of all skill levels and provide training.

To join: Register on our Forums and Apply Now!

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