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[edit] Overview

Location: North America

Timezone: West Coast (Pacific Standard/Daylight Time)

[edit] Description

Connery is known to some as the successor to Planetside's "Markov" server. Medium to High Population. TR is the least populated faction, with a general 30-33% population, NC and VS are roughly equal, with about 35-40% population, although NC generally have a higher population during non peak hours. VS have a very high population increase at night (PST), largely due to the high amount of Japanese players who play VS on Connery.

The Helios server was merged into Connery with Game Update 9.

Connery is also the server that the main event of SOE's "Ultimate Empire Showdown" took place on, with Vanu emerging as the victors. Dropping Purple Smoke and Victory XOR Death worked together emerging victorious, winning 2 of 3 events.

While each faction has at one time held all three Continents in the early days, the TR had maintained a lock on Indar for 3 months (December 2012-Feburary 7th 2013).

Esamir and Amerish swap control frequently(hourly/daily) between all three factions.

Amerish has been maintained and locked down by the NC for a record 1 month. (December 1st 2013 - January 5th 2014)

Hossin first Alert was won by Vanu June 28th and locked for the first time, twice by NC June 28th and 30th.

Vanu locked Indar first, TR locked Amerish first and NC locked Esamir first.

[edit] Outfits

[edit] New Conglomerate

[edit] Terran Republic

[edit] Vanu Sovereignty

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