The Underlords

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The underlords is a small outfit, whom are trying to reach their goal of beoming a large outfit under the banner of Vanu.

The Underlords' requirement to join -

Battlerank 5+ Only, [if not met with this requirement, you'll not get pass Recruit, until you reaches Battlerank 5.]

Must be 13+.

You must listen to your squadleader's commands, and make sure you follow them directly.

[OPTION] You do not need to use a MICs, but i strongly encourage you not to.

About 4 years later, after uprising of Vanu Sovereinty, A young Combat engineer, Go by name of Dlarnkk, decided to form a Outfit of his own, A outfit of the elites, he dreamt, as he started it, following in by his Lieutant, Spybuster.

The Underlords seem to be rising in numbers, however their commands is highly strict, They are trying to be very aware of enemies' movement, therfore during the inavsion, Dlarnkk will command his lieutant to scout the condition of the zone, and decide if it safe or not to start a battle, However shortly after departure of Lieutant Spybuster, Dlarnkk make a vow, That he'll tries his best to make the outfit strong, and that is how he will try to make it come true.

Likely, There is different type of duties in the Underlords that some may need to perform. - More will come soon, Please wait for updates.

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