The Vanu Guard

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The Vanu Guard [VWG]
Leader Technokk, BulletProofPigeon
Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Region Europe (UK)
Server Woodman
Tags/Abbreviations VS
Stats The Vanu Guard Stats

The Vanu Guard [VWG]

Welcome to the Wiki page for The Vanu Guard [VWG]. The tag VWG stands for Vanu World Guard. The Vanu Guard play on the EU Woodman server.

The Vanu Guard [VWG] was formed on 07/05/14, but the creators have been playing since beta, and some members even played PlanetSide 1. The recruitment process is fairly open as VWG likes to have full squads in its platoons.

In the VWG there are possibility to be ranked up within the outfit. When you get recruited you will enter as a Cadet. As you play within the squads/platoons you will quickly rank up to private. Privates will make up most of the members. As you play and get more confident with the way VWG runs its operations you have the chance to rank up again to Corporal. As a Corporal you will be much more likely to be selected to be a squad leader as the platoons fill up.

VWG likes to play many different roles and is fully versatile. When you are taking part in attacking/defending a base with VWG use your own initiative, if you think it would help if you went out off battle for a moment to bring a vehicle then do it. People who follow orders but do so in other helpful ways like bringing vehicles for the good of the battle will do well and have a better chance of ranking up within the outfit.

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