The Vindicators

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The Vindicators
Leader DviddLeff
Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Server Mattherson
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[edit] History

We fought for the Vanu Sovereignty on the US East - Emerald server, although we had members from all around the world.

In late 2002 DviddLeff founded The Vindicators outfit in preparation for the original Planetside and started recruiting people from the official forums as all he saw was an abundance of specialised outfits dedicated to being pure cloakers or snipers (or both)- something he saw as being near useless with the grand battles PS promised. We quickly gained members as the months leading up to beta ticked away, ending up with about 120. When beta finally started we recruited a lot of people, finding amongst them great leaders who have stuck with us and led chapters for the community in other games.

When Planetside was in its prime we often had a full platoon working together with separate armour, air and infantry squads coordinating some pretty impressive feats. In particular I remember a 5 hour defence of Tore, Cyssor, and a time when we turned the tide of a battle that had been raging for three whole days around a single base. We were a member of the Vanu Round Table Alliance, which organised large raids for over a year until various outfits left the game. We also participated in the outfit wars, winning the majority of our matches.

Over the years we have had successful MMO chapters in World of Warcraft, Voyage Century Online, Darkfall, Age of Conan and Guild Wars. However Planetside has always been the game that we started in and Planetside 2 will see us return in style.

[edit] Recruiting

The Vindicators have always been proud of the friendly, almost family like atmosphere that we have between our members. We developed this from the nature of our first game Planetside and the interdependence that it fostered between our members as we sent Mag columns and Gal drops into enemy territory.

The Vindicators

My intention is to make us a deciding force on the battlefield once again and to do this we need both quality and quantity of troops. Quantity is simply a matter of recruitment, while quality is something we expect of and will also train in our members.

To help with quality I have put together a tactics website to help guide our members to play together as effectively as possible. Our platoon aims to be the most coordinated in the game, using voice communications to organise combined arms assaults on the enemy using the detailed tactics and strategies described on the site.

[edit] Requirements

Our outfit was always open to all players who were interested in working as a coordinated team and we will continue this in Planetside 2, expecting all our members to use Teamspeak to aid coordination. We do expect our players to act maturely, with a (mental) age of at least 16.

The communities rules are:

  1. Act maturely.
  2. Play with the community.
  3. Use voice communication.

More detail can be found here.

[edit] Structure

When the community first started in 2003 as an outfit in the game Planetside we looked for rank names which would set us apart from the vast majority that went for military terms; we settled on these as they retained a clear sense of order and are at least familiar to most people. Please note that we are not a cult, religiously orientated or a guild that is based around any religion in particular!

Patriarch: overall leader This person is ultimately responsible for the continued success and smooth running of the community and all of its game chapters.

Bishop: chapter leaders Leader of chapters. This is required for all chapters. Responsible for the well-being and growth of that games Vindicator chapter. They are responsible for directing the officers in their roles.

The Vindicators

Priest: chapter officers Officers oversee the day to day running of the chapter. Chapters can have as many of these as they require, to be used for leading groups, recruiting, leading construction and crafting projects, etc. Administrators of websites, and servers are also considered officers, as they will have to perform officer duties when removing members from the community.

Chaplain: veteran chapter members Deacons can be promoted to the rank of Chaplain by remaining with the community for 3 years and contributing to the community in some way. Contribution could include subscribing on the forums, purchasing game servers or designing signatures, avatars or similar. Chaplain is the highest rank a member can achieve without taking leadership responsibility in some way.

The Vindicators

Deacon: experienced chapter members Acolytes can be promoted to the rank of Deacon by remaining with the community for a year and contributing to the community in some way. Contribution could include subscribing on the forums, purchasing game servers or designing signatures, avatars or similar.

Acolyte: established chapter members These are the rank and file of the chapter, abiding by the rules of the game and the community.

Initiate: chapter recruits These are new recruits of the community, or those yet to register on the community forums or use Ventrilo regularly. No member should stay at this rank for more than 3 weeks – by that point they should be promoted or removed from the community. If the leadership agrees initiates can be removed following a single incident.

If you are interested in joining up head to our website.

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