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How to join Theze

So here's the deal, we are looking for new members and there are only a couple of requirements that you must fulfill in order to be allowed to wear the theze* tag of Z . We have these requirements in place so you know and we know that it is a good fit. Competitive players are welcome.

1. Register with this site

2. Apply to our recruitment platoon. Search for theze* Recruits FTW (the blue one)

3. Become regular and ACTIVE in teamspeak; get to know the other members/recruits (quick link on website in bottom right hand corner). Save it as a bookmark for quick access. You can get a mic for less than $10

4. Follow the rules of the server (no racism) and other scripted rules on Planetside 2.

5. Join theze* squad or platoon when you can when we are on. (very appreciated and shows your dedication). The squad usually meets at Indar on Helios server.

6. Be patient the process of becoming a member isn't structured on any timeframe. The more you demonstrate the traits mentioned here, the chance of you becoming a member of the clan is greater.

7. This is an exclusive clan. Once given permission, you can only wear our tags.

8. Treat other clan members/recruits with respect.

9. Be active in the forums. You don't have to post everyday, but keep up with what other members are posting.

10. Share any ideas for improvement. We've been around for awhile, but surprisingly, we're not all knowing.

11. Be 17 years old or older. This is a rule that is flexible depending on your demeanor and the judgement of multiple clan members.

12. No hacking what so ever. you will be banned.

13. You can't buy your way in, but we appreciate any donations to squad boosts on planetside or teamspeak. Any amount helps, but isn't expected.

14. Thank you for registering; this isn't invite only, ask one to be one; you're recruitment process may have already begun.

15. Do not complain the last thing we want is a downer member; if something arises that is an issue, please notify a clan member.

16. Have fun!

PlanetSide Universe
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