Toxin Raiders

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Toxin Raiders
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Leader NazTheEternal, Kognar, bigcracker, Gabage, IBurnMyCD
Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Region Global (NA & EU)
Server Classified

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Toxin Raiders is an organized, active and mature Multi-Game Clan, based mainly in North America with a minority of Europeans. Toxin was officially formed during the fall of 2006 when a group of online gamers whose talents and ambition encouraged them to collaborate in creating a successful online community.


[edit] History

Toxin Raiders has evolved into a full, online gaming outfit.

Experience in the management and coordination of massive online tournaments, as well as online clan battles, has provided our leaders with the knowledge and ability to cope with the challenges of running an effective and structured Clan. Many of our members have had extended experience in playing Battlefield 2, involved a massive 30 vs. 30, 10 hours battles, twice a week, in a very military, organized and strategic manner.

Of course it isn't all serious! The point of any game is to have fun, and that is our end goal. We like to joke and mess around, but when it comes time to get down and dirty we take care of business..

We mainly consist of adults between the ages of 18-50, a certain level of maturity is required.

[edit] Combat Role

Toxin Raiders has not yet developed our Outfit end-game in Planetside 2, as we feel it would be too soon to decide what element of the battle our collaborative skills and talents as an Outfit will favour.

Thus, we shall decide our combat role as an outfit during BETA stages of Planetside 2.

[edit] Members

Toxin Raiders Logo

We currently have a group of 30-40 members who are going to be playing Planetside 2, about 15 of whom are returning from previous MMO's/FPS's Toxin has been involved in.

We welcome old and new members alike and promise to deliver you the finest FPS players you've ever had the opportunity to play with.

Currently our primary games include:

  • Battlefield 3
  • Project Reality (BF2)
  • Counter-strike Source
  • Team Fortress 2
  • DOTA 2

[edit] Recruiting

We are currently openly recruiting players interested in being a part of Toxin Raiders.

Players with experience in the FPS field are especially welcome, as that is our primary genre of gaming.

[edit] Podcast

View our podcasts on YouTube and get to know who we are, what we're about, and what to expect from us in Planetside 2.

We also hold round-table discussions with guest speakers, we welcome you to join us!

Subscribe to us on YouTube, as well as watch our podcasts and other videos

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