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Training Alliance Task Force [TATF]
Leader Aidenius
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region Mostly EU but all welcome
Server Miller
Website TATFGaming Discord Server

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[edit] The Purpose of TATF

First of all TATF is one of the most friendly outfits in gaming history and do not accept toxicity of any kind.

They currently have 12000+ members on the Discord server and 1400+ members in the in-game Outfit.

The main goal this Outfit/Group has is to help everybody to get better at their game, they recruit everyone from new to veteran and help them reach their next level and enjoy Planetside 2 as it should be enjoyed.

[edit] Reaching the Goals

This is done through training nights mainly coordinated through their Discord server from their veteran commanders. These nights can cover anything from infantry squad play to improving your air game.

Next to infantry/vehicle training nights, they also host trainings on Squad leading, Platoon leading, Base Building and more!

Every Tuesday, when they're not in the mood to git gud, they also organize Outfit nights. These can consist of normal platoons, special events or just some fun talk while playing. A little something to relieve tension and just let loose a bit.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, as they also got competitions, cross-outfit events and much more. They always seek to improve, and they always aim to have an active platoon up every day during every hour.

[edit] How to be a part of TATF

The first step is to join the Discord Server linked on the right panel of this page, there you will be greeted by someone almost immediately and you can start playing and talking to your new buddies in the next second. Kindly please read the rules of the Discord in order to help keep their reputation as the friendliest Outfit of Planetside 2.

If everything goes well, especially if you have abilities in Leading Squads or Platoons (that can be learned even if you don't have them now, that's what TATF is for!) or leading a Community it's so easy to advance the ranks!

[edit] Infrastructure and Leadership

TATF has a Divisional and Community Management Infrastructure:

Divisional Management exists for every major game in TATF with the main purpose of creating Platoons/Squads/Parties, Lead people into Battle and host Trainings and Events for the members of their division.

Divisional Management contains the following ranks:

Division Leader - Oversees the entire activity of the game and its members, plans training/events schedules and procedures, trains Admins into Leading, Leads the members in-game

Division Admin - Leads members in-game, hosts trainings and events, trains Moderators on how to do the same, recruits new members.

Division Moderator - Leads members in-game, recruits new members and train the new players of the game if they need it.

Community management focuses on keeping the Discord server safe from toxicity and monitor/expand all the TAFT social media assets.

Community Management contains the following ranks:

Executive Admin Community Leader: Oversees the entire social activity of the Discord Server

Community Admin: Maintains social media interactions and advertisements for the Discord server, can ban serious offenders, plus duties of CM below.

Community Moderator: Watches over the Discord chatrooms and ensures that no toxicity will go unpunished. Can kick offenders.

For more details please contact any of these ranks in the Discord.

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