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[edit] Recruitment Video

Watch our Recruitment video!

[edit] About

Originally from the Lithcorp (EU) server Trident [TRID] is an Vanu Sovereignty outfit in Planetside 2 playing on Cobalt (EU). We are by far the biggest outfit on Cobalt, and one of the largest PS2 outfits overall.

Trident is a casual outfit that plays to win. We aim to have a fun time through cooperative and tactical gameplay without forcing anyone to play any certain way. We do have rules regarding sportsmanship, common courtesy and hacking/exploiting that we expect everyone to follow though. We have members from all over the world and use English for all voice comms and chat. We primarily rely on in-game comms for our public platoons, but we do have a TeamSpeak server for members and other outfit representatives to use for platoon coordination.

We are very supportive of new players and we have no requirements to Battle Rank or voice comms. The only thing you need to join us is to be able to understand english. Also if you want to try your hand at leadership of a squad or platoon, you will certainly have your chance with us (voice comms required).

If this sounds like your kind of outfit you can join us by simply finding us in the outfit finder and applying for membership. You can also join one of our open platoons and just ask for an invite.

[edit] Recruitment Policy

Trident is recruiting with no special requirements to join other than being able to communicate in english in chat and/or voice comms. We run open and partly open platoons where anyone can play with us. Join one of our platoons to see what it is like to play with us!

[edit] Trident Regulations

See our charter for rules and regulations [1]

[edit] Planetside 2 Ranks

  • Legionary - Regular Trident member
  • Centurion - Rank given to members who have shown leadership initiative.
  • Praetor - Rank given to members who regularly lead platoons for Trident.

Promotion happens linearly Legionary->Centurion and Centurion->Praetor. To get promoted you need to be nominated by veteran Trident members. The nomination then gets voted on by the Trident Sergeants and Lieutenants before final voting by the PS2 Officers and The Trident Council.

[edit] Outfit Leadership

  • Trident Leader: JudgeDeath
  • Trident Council: JackJack233, Ice247, Djupfryst
  • Trident PS2 Officers: ColbertNation1, Zonalia

[edit] Links

Visit our forums at

View our stats at Trident PSU Outfit Page

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