Undivided Gamers

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Undivided Gamers
Leader Shalalala
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region EU
Server Miller
Tags/Abbreviations UDGS
Website n/a
Stats Undivided Gamers Stats

Undivided Gamers (UDGS) is a small casual outfit, originating from an European CS:GO Steam community of the same name. The outfit currently active on the Miller server and is part of the ANCO (Alliance of New Conglomerate Outfits) The outfit uses Teamspeak as a dedicated VoIP service and owns it's own server and forum.

Its members are of different age groups and come from various parts of Europe with the primary time zone being Central European Time. Being a casual outfit, Undivided Gamers is in need of more squad leaders and active members. Nonetheless, this outfit is still able to offer its members organized operations and often runs open squads.

Distinctive for this outfit is its team dynamics. Although it is a casual outfit, it is still capable of organizing bigger operations or take part in joint-ops with others outfits - usually with at least two full squads. There is no mandatory minimum activity, but rather a self-explanatory one, i.e. players contribute as much as they see right.

Currently, this outfit is still looking for new members. There are no restrictions, although being fluent in English is mandatory. As with all newer outfits recruitment has not been easy, but with increased number of players and more presence on the battlefield, the outfit is slowly gaining momentum.

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