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United by Brotherhood VS
Leader [UxB] kymcman
Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Server Mattherson
Website http://uxbgaming.com
Stats United by Brotherhood VS Stats

In Mar. 2014, [UxB] broke new ground by making an announcement that it would be shifting into being a three-faction outfit. This was one of the first, if not first, times that a major outfit announced it would have no "main" faction. With this announcement, United by Brotherhood NC, United by Brotherhood TR, and United by Brotherhood VS were created.

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[UxB] was founded in Feb. 2013 by its leader [UxB] KyMcMan and operates under the guidelines of promoting the following characteristics: Unity, Selflessness, Loyalty, Commitment, Devotion, and Respect.

These are the core values of the United by Brotherhood organization. These values encompass and go beyond the rules outlined above. All actions should be weighted against these core values. This focus will not change and will be at the root of [UxB]. The following quotes exemplify these core values:

"In the land where excellence is commended, not envied, where weakness is aided, not mocked, there is no question as to how its inhabitants are all superhuman." -Criss Jami

"Where there is unity there is always victory." -Publilius Syrus

"[P]erserverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority." -Vince Lombardi

"Right knows no boundaries and justice no frontiers; the brotherhood of man is not a domestic institution." -Learned Hand

"THE TEAM, THE TEAM, THE TEAM." -Bo Schembechler

"We are one. As we share the glory of our victories, so too should we share the pain of our defeat. In this way we grow closer. We grow stronger." -Malik Al-Sayf, Assassin's Creed

Our members, however strong they are individually, will always strive to be selfless brothers (or sisters) within [UxB]. Together, this will make us the strongest and most rewarding organization. This idea and these values will be at our core in all that we do.

[UxB] is always looking to grow and can be found at http://uxbgaming.com.

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